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Mamanurse and Tararae- you are both beautiful new mommies! You should be proud!
Quote: Originally Posted by sonshine_rae Girls if you think your oldest child has Rotavirus (4 year old).. would you freak about having a new baby in the house too?? Sigh. no, I wouldn't freak out. I'm pretty sure Rotavirus antibodies are present in breastmilk. Everyone gets it, it's only dangerous for preemies, really. And if your DD has it, I'm sure you've been exposed, so you're producing antibodies already! AAM- I am drinking coffee at...
Milo pounces too, but usually after shaking his head back and forth with his mouth wide open, like, 'I can't find it, I can't find it!' then CHOMP! I have a fast let down too, and so sometimes heholds his mouth open and licks at the milk!
try to pump only enough to releive pressure. also, feed only one boob at a time, and you can even feed twice if you lo doesn't drain one boob per feed. cabbage leaves can reduce supply, bend them abit, then wear them in your bra. some babes don't like the smell tho' avoid fenugreek, fennel and comfrey in teas or as spices/foods, as these increase supply. it may take a while for your breasts to adjust, but if you hasve a trueoversupply, it is important to resolve...
I think my omega threes and my b vits are making me anxious! It could just be that I have new mom friends coming over tomorrowmorning, and then the inlaws, then a christmas party for which I have to make food, and wrap a gift for the church nursery. . .which I have yet to buy. my house is in shambles and i spent the baby's 1st nap resting b/c i have a sore spot in one boob, and i thought the baby would take another nap. well, that was 5 hours ago. and my morning...
DS1 was this way, and it was taxing. By about 11 mos, I'd sneak out of the room the split second he was occupied, and when he called for me, I'd call back! The AP parenting was worth it, tho' b/c m DS os now a confident and ridiculously secure 2 yo!
Hey all- weather's supposed to be bad in this area tomorrow, but I'm still gonna plan on ya'll coming! I'll have cocoa!
I'm angry with you, and for you. but I will still say congratulations, because you have still accomplished something enormous! I was hugely dissapointed and angry about my birth too, and mine was not even close to yours. It's your body, and you have a right to be angry until you have a chance to process this. and I LOVE her name!
bumpity bump!
penis, and scrotum. It will be vulva when we have a girl. I'd add clitoris and vagina as the subjects arise.
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