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Deleted post-- didn't see the reply!
Quote: Originally Posted by klocke No one can really say if it is twins or not without an u/s but in my experience at 18 weeks I was still measuring relatively within the range of normal. I think I was maybe 2 cm ahead at 20 weeks. Thanks for sharing your story. It just goes to show you that intuition can really be more accurate than other indicators! Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy
I'm curious to know if my intuition is right or not too... Have had a feeling about this pregnancy being twins and lots of "twin dreams," got bigger wayyy faster (this is my 3rd pregnancy), movement since 9 weeks, really bad M/S, lots of kicking almost all day long, crazy hunger in spurts (never had any of these with the other two), and now at 18 weeks I seriously feel and act like I'm at the end of the 3rd trimester. I get dizzy, crampy, and just feel awful with any...
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