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Unfortunately cutting out the naps is not really a good option, as we go to the Waldorf school, and they nap every afternoon in kindergarten.
Oh ya, I don't have any food allergy concerns. We don't do desserts, except on very rare occasions. Big sister naps at school everyday, and little sister still naps most days as well. We do have a night light. Usual routine: Bath (if needed) Pjs Brushy teeth Potty Sleepy time herbs, etc. Story Into bed
They get lots of physical activity. We rarely do screen time before bed. I've stopped worrying so much about the "time", and am trying more to keep the "routine" more regular. That being said, the time range is generally between 8:30 and 9:30 (the time that we actually get in bed to go to sleep). We just started reading our bedtime story on the couch instead of in the bed. We do rescue remedy sleep, as well as Valarian (occasionally).
This is exactly how my family was growing up. And neither my sister, nor I have any issues or problems as adults. And we are both very independent. We were always allowed to sleep in our own rooms if we desired, we just usually didn't want to. And I remember coming home to visit from college and waking up early and going in to snuggle with my family. And as adults we have often bed shared in hotels while on family trips.
I need some support... I have two girls, 6 and 3 (in a few weeks!). We sleep family style in one gigantic bed, and we love it. Except bedtime is frequently a nightmare... The girls *freak out* if just one of us lays down with them, especially if it's just Daddy. Big sister can usually be calmed down by being told that she will not get to sleep in the big bed if she doesn't mellow off - nobody wants to sleep next to someone who is thrashing around throwing a violent...
Yes! I'll start with CPR & NRP. And I'm in Austin Texas, so if anyone knows of anything happening around these parts, I'm glad to know of it.
Which courses/workshops/conferences/etc. have y'all felt are the most useful when you're first getting started with your studies? I'm not talking about training programs, just shorter stuff. I'm already signed up with the Mercy in Action distance program. I'm just looking for supplemental, more hands on, kind of stuff. I'm really feeling like I want to step up my game with my training. And I want to make myself a good candidate by being as prepared as possible for...
Hey ladies, Thought I'd pop in and introduce myself. I live in Austin, Texas, and am currently studying to be a CPM through the Mercy in Action distance program. I picked this course specifically because it does not have deadlines, and with a husband who travels frequently and two young girls (2 & 5) at home it seemed like the sanest option for all of us So far it's been very slow going - fits and stops with the studying. But it's still moving along and I'm still...
Thanks for replying everyone. She's decided to go ahead and start her maternity leave. I think the biggest factor in her decision was one I didn't even think of - her 4 year old son. Talking to her, she mentioned getting some time to spend with him and relaxing as the two deciding factors.
Here's the deal: My client (who is also a good friend of mine) is wanting to know when she should stop going to work. Now the history: She is officially due on the 30th, but her provider is having her try to get things going (naturally for now) early because she has gestational diabetes. This is her second baby. She had a c-section with her last because she was pre-eclamptic and when they induced her she couldn't make it happen vaginally. So this time she is REALLY...
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