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I have a friend who's little girl's name Bennett Elizabeth. I think it's really nice sounding with an older traditional middle name, like Elizabeth, Anne, or Marie. But I love all the other girl names you picked out, and I think they would all go well with Bennett.
Heartburn Tea!! That sounds great! I'll have to try and find some of that.
My midwife says that it generally should matter how big you were before... I feel like we've had the conversation several times about how crazy it is that everybody measures about the same no matter the size. It's cool.
Quote: Originally Posted by mommamisty Swagger Wagon...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ql-N3F1FhW4 Oh, and this is hilarious!!!
A year and a half ago when we weren't thinking about having another baby yet I talked my husband into buying me a Prius when him and the sales guy were trying to convince me to get a minivan... the Prius is sooooo awesome... but alas, I think even with two we will have a space disaster on our hands - four people a double jogger and a dog just won't fit! Heaven forbid we ever try to go on vacation all together!! Of course, as soon as I got pregnant I recognized my folly...
Okay, so as someone who suffers from heartburn both when I'm preggers and when I'm not, I feel like I should weigh in here and share what I've learned over the years... First of all, yes, greasy, fatty, spicy, sugary foods make it worse, but when you're pregnant that's almost irrelevant because everything makes you have it. I believe this is mainly because your body produces a hormone called relaxin when you're pregnant and it helps to relax your hip joints so you can...
I just visited with my midwife two days ago and was worrying about not feeling too many this time around (with my DD I had so many, and I'm pretty sure they were common by this point, 25 weeks, in the pregnancy). This time I've really only felt a few and they are usually when I get up to pee at night or first thing in the morning... occasionally when I stand up too fast from sitting or laying. My midwife said that it was totally fine and not to worry about it at...
Quote: Originally Posted by liberal_chick Me: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v4...bcam_large.jpg That is the most recent pic I have and I took it with the webcam for my ravelry profile. Oooh Ravelry! Let's be friends Annie (my Ravelry name is also 'happydaymomma')
Quote: Originally Posted by Kelly1101 My mom sent me this today, from 1984... I'm the one in that crazy contraption on her back, rotfl... http://i60.photobucket.com/albums/h9...27370_3052.jpg Love it! My little sister lived in one of those for about three years when she was born. Actually, I would love to have one because you can set them down and the kiddos stay in the same position, and they keep them off your back (we live in...
I've cut my hair to just above my shoulders since these were taken, but they're my favorites (I have a photographer friend, and she's the only person who can take good pics of me!)... something was hilarious Her favorite pic of me I love this thread, btw! Cheers! Annie
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