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Just to clarify, you usually have an 18-day luteal phase (5dpo + 10 days + 3)? If you are sure of when you ovulated and there was no other unprotected sex, you are not pregnant. The egg does not live anymore than a day or so.
i am also taking milk thistle and semi-ttc. we shall see! i had debilitating nausea and vomiting for several months with both of my sons.
yes, you can get pregnant having sex 3-4 days before O, if the conditions are right.
i see it!
I was on it for a couple years before TTC. LOVED it!
Ecological breastfeeding spaced my kids just under 29 months apart.
Ah, nevermind - I am not going through BAI after all. I cannot attend any births at this time in my life (no childcare besides my husband, so I can't do anything "on-call"), so I will be going through CBI. It costs more (I was approved for a BAI scholarship, so was looking forward to saving a lot of money), and will likely take longer, but at least it is less to keep track of...doing it all through one program. How are you doing? It looks like it's been a while since...
I am likely going to do doula & breastfeeding certs thru CBI, starting late summer or early fall. Right now, I'm signing up for PP doula & CBE courses through BAI. Hi!
dr fields (yosemite pediatrics) hasn't batted an eye at our non-vaxing.
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