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LisaMarie, Thank you so much for answering. I guess I'm confused on what the difference is between what I have here, and between "cultured buttermilk" as described in NT. By just letting this buttermilk sit out on the counter did it become cultured by itself? I just looked at the bowl again and it is separating more... thick clumpy layer on top, really watery stuff underneath. Is that watery stuff the whey? How might I make a simple cheese with it at this...
Hi Lindsay, Have you ever tried the Nut Thin crackers, made by Blue Diamond? They're made with rice flour and different nut flours, depending on which variety you buy--i.e., Almond, Hazelnut, Pecan, etc. So the Almond Nut Thins (my favorites), for example, are a combo of rice flour and almond flour. They're gluten-free for people with Celiac disease. I first got them at my health food store but I notice the regular grocery store has them now, also. Iris
Hello ladies! This is my first post...I joined MDC just because of this forum, which I've been reading obsessively for several weeks now. I'm thrilled to have other people to talk to about TF. I live in west Michigan and am a stay-at-home mom to three wonderful children, ages 12, 8, and 6. More details on me later...I am anxious to get to my question and hope that someone can give me a quick answer. This past weekend I got my first gallon of raw milk (yay!). On...
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