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My kids attend an International Leadership Magnet STEM school - it is also a Title 1 school.  The test scores are decent for being a Title 1 school, but we are not at the top test school in our district.  Personally, I'm fine with that, because my friends who have kids at the top school have kids who are stressed.  My kids are getting an amazing curriculum and the wait list is hundreds deep for each grade because school is more than test scores.  
I am an extrovert who still likes some times to recharge, with an extremely extroverted husband.  We have an introverted 7 year old daughter and a needy extroverted 5 year old son.  He wears us all out with the amount of interaction he needs.  Between the three of us, I think we satisfy his needs!  I'm looking forward to him becoming an independent reader.  He LOVES when we read him stories so I'm hopeful that that will be an outlet for him to be independent.   One thing...
Limabean, I have a fierce five year old, too.  He says all sorts of mean / ridiculous stuff to us...for example, he will call me "hateable" and told me that I was "stupider than he used to think".  He scowls like a little thundercloud, too.  I usually ask him if saying mean things will get him what he wants, or get me to hear his message, and he will often reply "NO" (because he knows it's only going to get him into trouble).  He's always had a temper so this is honestly a...
I've found that just being REALLY honest with my son has helped.  I let him know that I was starting to feel really frustrated with the sleeping arrangements and we had to find a way for us both to sleep better so we could be happier and better rested during the day.  One thing that helped me was putting my son in with my daughter (he's 5 and she's 7).  He knows that he can come with either of us but that we are going to trust that it's an emergency / he REALLY needs to be...
My son is almost 6, but we have many 7 & 8 year old boys in the neighborhood...they like legos, building stuff out of old cardboard boxes, playing angry birds, minecraft, and clash of clans on the ipad, bike rides, riding scooters in the driveway, and playing with sticks.  Kind of all over the place.  I think that the best thing to do is have some stuff out but know they might just want to do their own thing.  I hope they have fun!
"You sound really angry.  Would you like to talk about it?"
noooooooooooo worksheets.
My rising 1st grader attends the International Leadership STEM magnet school in our district.  The differentiation has been fabulous.  My daughter was the top reader / writer / math student in the entire kindergarten (5 classes) and she would attend the group lesson that was targeted for the "middle" of her classroom.  They would then break out for individual center work and each child was met at their specific level.  She was in a class of high achievers so even that...
My daughter sang herself "happy birthday" on her 1st birthday in perfect pitch. It was kind of amazing. She has an amazing memory - especially auditory - and is extremely artistic. Have fun with your gifted sweetie
I would put her back in pull ups, honestly.  So sorry - I'd be just as furious as you!  I'd be contemplating more serious consequences if she doesn't stop soon.
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