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Have you heard that Babies R Us stores are pushing really hard to get free classes for parents offered by local professionals? From what I've seen they are bringing in doulas, midwives, IBCLC's, parent educators. Not a lot of product companies but mainly service professionals and support people for new parents. I've been pleasantly surprised by their willingness to bring in alternative providers and cover all kinds of topics from baby sign to local birth options and...
The Greater Seattle Area Birth Action Network (soon to be the Washington Healthy Birth Coalition) is coordinating Meet the Doula events around the sound. This month's event is tonight at the Lake Forest Park Library and will have 3-5 birth and postpartum doulas so families can interview a few at a time and learn more about the services that doulas offer to the community. To learn more: http://seattlebirthaction.weebly.com/meet-the-doula-events.html They are...
From the moms I know, I hear much better things about Evergreen than Overlake. You might also consider Swedish Issaquah.  
I am so happy for you that you learned what you needed to make the decision to switch. PSBC is fantastic. Happy birthing (if you haven't already had the baby, then I hope it went great!)  
Babies R Us in Lynnwood and Bellevue are starting to offer classes on these topics. Both cloth diapering and babywearing were covered in a recent class. If you contact the store, they would be happy to find a professional who can come in and teach a class (all of them are free). Punkernoodle in Seattle does an cloth diapering info class every month or so. And make sure you check out the Seattle Area Babywearing Network.  
Charlene Campbell is really close to you in Issaquah and she is fantastic. She has a really good take on nutrition for pregnancy and is really flexible in her practice style so she appeals to moms of all persuasions. Her company name is BirthJoy Midwifery.  
Amye Hadley, ND, ARNP at Swedish Magnolia is AP-friendly, specializes in pediatrics and is an ND. As far as I know she is the only ND/ARNP in Seattle. She had been at Wallingford Pediatrics until the head doctor retired and then she moved to Magnolia.  
Sunita Ayer is highly recommended! I believe she in Kirkland.  
I can't stand the books "On the Day You Were Born" and "The Night You Were Born." Many moms traumatized by the birth experience also hate those books. I count myself in with them but also don't like the inflated sense of self-worth that the books seem to promote. It also feels like I'm lying to my child. Not even Prince George got that welcome like the books describe. I got the difference between figurative and literal and those books are way too figurative for me...  
I know this thread is a little old but I have had great experiences with Gita Vasudeva, DC in Greenwood, Bryn Riekstins in Woodinville (she will travel to you) and Stephen Cavanaugh, DO in Capitol Hill.  
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