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One time I was camping with my parents and my DS who was 7.5 months old at the time and only about 3 wks into BLW was sitting in his chair eating a peach when he started gagging. My mother flew across the campsite screaming "OMG Scarlett He's choking" I was sitting right with him watching him. I had to say pretty firmly "Mom, he is fine, he is gagging not choking. Do you honestly think I would sit here and watch my baby choke without doing anything?" She was very upset...
Agree with above posted.   Even my 4.75 year old needs help to settle down again occasionally in the night. Last night my DH was woken up at 3 am to a little boy poking him in the arm asking him for help to go back to sleep. Things can feel scary in the dark in the middle of the night. My DH went to lie down with DS and fell asleep with him for 3 hours (DS fell asleep as soon as DH was in the bed with him)   My 4.5 mon old will occasionally wake in the night...
This wouldn't bother me at all and I wouldn't be making a separate trip for another measurement unless there were other concerns, like baby is not eating, stooling or voiding, etc.   Also it could be that he is the same length but went up in weight. My babies always alternate between weight and height growth spurts. Their weight will not go up much but their height will and vice verse.   Don't worry mama I am sure he is just fine.
Actually on the news last week they were talking about how now the new recommendations is to start baby on meats first not cereal after 6 months. I agree with others to just say "yep gave baby some solids" end of discussion, unless you want to educate your Dr. on the new recommendations :)
Your post brought tears to my eyes both for your heartbroken babe and also for his desperate loving parents. Parenting is the HARDEST job in the world! You have so much more at stake and invested, these are little people who have separate emotions, desires and needs then ours yet they are like a piece of us living off of our bodies, we are in twined and learning about each other everyday. Will you need to do some damage repair, yes you will (sounds like you already are)....
Oh this exactly!!!!!! I feel this way and the first time I heard this ridiculousness I was yelling at the radio "It's called attachment Parenting"   With my first my grandmother would always ask how long I was going to breast feed my DS for and I would say "oh maybe another 5 mins or so" (I was nursing him at the time she would ask)
39 mons with DS and 2.5 mons so far with DD so 41.5 and counting :)
My all time fav carrier is my woven wraps! they are supper supportive and I could still carry my 50 lb 4.5 year old on my back if I had too with my wraps. I also have a ring sling made from a woven wrap that I love and I did carry my 50 lb 4.5 year old in it for about 15 mins when he fell and hurt his bum. I like the baby hawk for quick and easy carries but the woven wraps are way more supportive for bigger heavy babies and very cuddly :)
I have always given my midwife a thank you gift. This time we gave our midwife a new baby weighing sling that is made from the same fabric one of DD's wraps is made of (I beautiful deep purple gauze) we also gave her a gift certificate to a water spa so she can go and relax for a few hours (one of the spas rules is no pagers/cell phones :) ) We gave her a cute card that my DH wrote something beautiful in about how much we appreciate her and we gave her a picture of DD....
I put my brown Moby in a big mesh bag and toss it in the washer on cold and then into the dryer. I have only washed it once and it hasn't faded. I think vinegar is supposed to help stuff from fading? Also you can dry on low heat, the sun will fade it I would think so I wouldn't line dry it. Also stuff with lycra tends not to fade as much.
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