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On the invites say 2 hours but in your own head plan for 3 as you will have some stragglers. This is what we did this year with DS birthday and it helped me to stay relaxed.   As far as a loot bag I did do a loot bag this year and last year and pretty much made them all the same but in previous years I have done books and play silks we also usually give each child a balloon. I have DS hand them out as the child is leaving and say thank you for coming to his party....
Welcome Ellie and Elliot and congrats mamas
Congrats Okapi on the birth of you babe. I am sorry you didn't get your VBAC. I totally understand the feelings of mourning the loss of never having a natural birth but being more at peace with a needed c-section. I too had hoped for a VBA2C with my DD2 but was also at peace with having to have the repeat section in the end. I also feel that this has helped with my healing and bonding with DD2.   So happy to hear the nursing is going well. Enjoy your peanut :)
My DS was a happy spitter too. I also had overactive let down and oversupply and he would gag and choke while nursing, especially when first going on the breast. He would spit up a ton and often soak me and him. All the pictures of him in the first 6 mons or so he is wearing a bib with spit up on it. I would also give people a warning whenever they asked to hold him. it slowed down around 5-6 mons and then pretty much stipped around 7 mons or so. He also was a big...
Ahhh she is lovely and I love her name :) Congrats mama!
Welcome to Greyson! So cool our babies share a birthday and I have a niece named Grayson (who is 11)   Welcome Joel! Our babies were the same weight :)   Also welcome to Enso! Congrats country mouse on your rainbow baby (they are so healing )   So many new souls, it is so wonderful.
Mila Lilian was born by uncomplicated repeat c-section on June 7th she was 39wks 2 days and weighed 9lbs 3oz and 21" long! We are doing well and getting to know each other at home now. Big brother Julian is in love with his baby sister as are Mama and Dada 
Opps forgot to add a photo   Mila Lilian just after birth .     On our way home 32 hours old
Well C-section day tomorrow! In 8 hours I will be having my baby girl by c-section. Please think of us and send lots of positive vibes :) Excited/Nervous/Anxious and Joyful.   UPDATE   Thank you all for your thoughts. My c-section went well. The spinal worked and I was awake for the birth of my baby girl and got to hear her first cries watch her being weighed, asked for the vernix to be not all rubbed off and my midwife brought her over to me for a face to face...
One of my favs from my maternity shoot @ 35wks (sorry so small)  
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