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I love her name :)
My DS will often hold his penis when clothed. I have read that sometimes it helps them to concentrate by holding their genitals. I am hoping DS grows out of this habit. I just gently remind him when I see him doing this or ask him if he needs to pee. I have also told him that it is not polite to hols onto ones genitals is public and if he needs to itch/adjust/ touch his genitals then he should find a private place like the bathroom or his room.  Sorry I don't have any...
He's beautiful! Welcome George Douglas and congrats mama!
So sweet. Congratulations on your boy and your homebirth :)
Awesome story  Welcome sweet baby and congrats Mama!
Congrats mama!
Congratulations! Welcome E :) Beautiful picture.
I used positive imagry. I just envisioned my placenta moving up and away from my scar. I figure it could hurt and it was the only think I could think of to do. I had a level 2 U/S at 32 weeks and placenta had moved up and baby's head was below it and they had me come back again at 34 weeks to verify there was no acreta and they found no signs of it. 
I got my negative result on Friday! I have never tested positive with any of my pregnancies but am still happy. I did nothing to prepare.
Congrats on the healthy baby. My placenta was partial previa at 13 weeks and then again at 19 weeks but by 32 weeks it was well out of the way (baby's head was below the placenta. Sending you moving placenta vibes.
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