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Broody she is so cute :) I want to snuggle her up! I told my DH your story and he had this look of terror on his face 
She is so beautiful :) Congrats Mama. That is a crazy fast birth!!! Was anyone with you or were you alone in the shower?
That is very sweet :)
So exciting! Wishing you a wonderful birth.
Yeah Broody! Wishing you a glorious birth and can't wait to read your birth story!
Sorry duplicate post.
Well I have from DS    - 5.2 m  Storchenwiege in the colourway Johannes II which is a German woven wrap http://www.storchenwiege.com/ - 4.6 m  Storchenwiege in the colourway Inka  - A converted Didymos wrap made into a ring sling by http://www.sleepingbaby.net/ in the Le Leche League colourway (This is my workhorse and fav shoulder design, I even used it for 30 mins to lug a sleeping 3.5 year old 40 lb DS last summer) - A burgundy silk ring sling for fancy...
My DS is in a ballet class that he started last year at age 3. There is another boy in his class but he hasn't been there the last few weeks. Anyway there are only maybe 3 or 4 boys in the whole school and the girls in the classes don't say anything negative to the boys. When we first started the class the teacher came to me and said "I'm sorry i don't have any "boy" books (little journals that they get stickers in) she said he can have this book with Tinker Bell on it...
With DS I slept when he slept a lot (that was super helpful) Had DH wear DS in the evenings so I could sleep. I nursed on demand and often (my big life saver was learning to nurse lying down) I didn't cook (This time I am going to try to be more prepared by having easy to make and eat food available)    With this baby I am having my mom stay with us for 20 days (she will be with us from 4 days before the scheduled repeat c-section) then she is going to take DS with...
Woo Hoo the babies are coming :) Congrats mamas and welcome Sean, Violet and Finland 
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