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I got my necklace yesterday and I love it. The beads are so lovely and I could feel the love and good will in them as soon as I touched them. The affirmations and lovely personal words are wonderful and brought tears to my eyes    I really appreciate all of the love and work that went into this and will be keeping all of you close to me during our birth. Thank you all so much.
Yeah if you are using an infant bucket then I would put the 3 year old RF on drivers side in second row, baby base with bucket on passenger side 2nd row and 13 year old in the back. Then I would have the 3 year old climb in and get into his seat, 13 year old climb in on passenger side and help 3 year old in his seat if he needs it :) then click bucket into the base. By the time the baby outgrows the bucket you could turn the 3 year old around forward facing and the 13...
Oh that would be awesome! I hope you do get to have your baby outside :)
When I had DS I told my midwife that I didn't want to bath him till we got home and she told the hospital staff that I would take care of the bath. DS had his first bath at 7 days old. He was wiped off while midwife did a brief check of him and then she put on the cloth diaper and wool cover we had given her and gave him to DH to hold on his bare chest while they finnished with me and woke me up (I was under general as the spinal did not work) As i woke up in the...
What kind of van do you have? Can the middle row captain seats go beside each other? 
I took my rings off yesterday. I think my swelling is down today but I will just leave them off till after babe gets here. It got really warm here yesterday so I think that is a contributing factor. DH went and got me some watermelon yesterday 
Yeah the felling "Baby parts" thing is crazy for 11 weeks. I am also guessing you are further along. If it was the placenta it makes a whoosh whoosh sound. Can't wait to find out what the US says.
Sorry duplicate post.
Sounds good. They figure out were to put their legs. My DS used to put his up on the seat when he was RF. Now that he is FF he drives me nuts putting his feet on the back of my seat when I am in the passenger seat. (He is pretty tall) I am constantly reminding him to put his feet down (so annoying) So much better when he was RF.
I eat tons of protein and my feet still get puffy. I have crazy cankles right now. The things that seem to help me is drinking lots of water, putting my feet up with legs straight as much as possible, having DH rub my feet and ankles and using cool packs on them. I am also wearing my birks everyday. My feet go up and down on hotter days. My hands are ok so far but I do check them all the time as I don't want to have my rings cut off.
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