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Some good points here.
Hugs to you
I know exactly how you feel. My husband works out of town at times. Making a large dish like Texas hash and making it last a few days has been a life saver. Swifter wet mops have helped with spot cleaning. It gets lonely here too as I also have no family close by but I've found that calling them helps. As far as energy is concerned, I make sure to go to bed early, take my vitamins in the morning and drink green matcha tea. It has made a huge difference for me....
Here is a hug for you.
My advice to you is to just. move. on. : )
I've read a baby wise book before. People can take it or leave it.
I plan on letting my DD dress up and go down the block once for a treat. I do feel she is still pretty young to eat a lot of candy. So, I will probably give most of it away to other trick or treaters we see on the way home. But really, who cares what people do with the candy. The experience is what counts.
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My aunt told me "no one does it perfectly." Any time I get stressed out, I think of what she said. From these boards I have liked the "child centered parenting" tidbits. DD is 18 months, and I only have one parenting book. I have not even read it. I think if you just know your child intimately, and go by instinct, that is enough. Every situation is different, and I'm the only person who knows my child well enough to decide what to do in any given case. I've...
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