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I just say because I love weatching them learn, and I love them being able to learn at their own pace in the way that best suits them.
I think not having children is one of the leading causes of knowitallitis.
These days, nursing. Enough, is enough already. I want my body back.
Well, it is totaly feasable. Try reading the Teenage Liberation Handbook. It might give you some ideas. Now, might I ask why you are so opposed to homeschooling in the elementary years? I am not trying to start a debate or anything, jjust curious, because it can be very structured and even more "academic" then public school.
Ours doesn't start until next month. I can't wait. Maybe you should start a donation drive to get better prizes? I like the ones where they hand out books that the kids can keep.
Right now we are listening to "The Story of the World" vol 1 on CD> I don't know if you count it, but it is one heck of a story.
The images of school as a theme in children's literature are so pervasive that it is totaly believable that she would not have realized the reason it would not be a good thing for your child. You don't even start to see how common the "happy fluffy perfect school" message is in the media until you start to seriously question it or remove yourself from the system.
I used to smoke as well. I educated myself on the effects and decided to make a healthier choice for my children. I have not smoked for almost 5 years now and you can bet I don't feel like a hypocrite when I tell people I do not want them smoking around my girls. Just remember the saying, when you know better, you do better.
Sounds like you might want to google lapbooking or notebooking. I have heard good things about that method for kids who like keepsakes, artsy stuff and a record of their work. There are some good Yahoo groups on the subject as well.
Yes, I meant school boards. There are apparently a variety and you don't need to register with the one closest to you. I think there may be variable levels of funding, but that is the number I have heard kicked around. Oh, the things I could do with $3000/student. Dare to dream...
New Posts  All Forums: