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Duluth Birth & Baby Fair is coming up this Saturday 10/27 at First Methodist ("the coppertop") church from 10-2. This event is a great resource for families, with tons of vendors and service providers, workshops and discussions, treats and prizes. See website for more info! http://www.birthandbabyfairduluth.com/
you should stick to your plan.  when your dd is old enough, you could also let her pick out something small (like under $20).
11/3: uh . . . i didn't spend any money in real life yesterday, but a charge for $48.70 in groceries hit my account from 11/2 which i forgot to count above (shopped at two places wednesday).  it's a day! 11/4: up to this point i've spend $30 for school lunch and accidentally (i mean, i forgot about this no-spend thing!) bought myself a chai and a scone on my way to work to the tune of $7.something.  rip off!  damn, this is going to be hard.  i got some lessons to learn. ...
hi!   a) woh single mama of two b) trying to shrink my budget so i can take an income hit to work from home (for myself) beginning next september when both kids will be in school c) the main expense i will eliminate from my budget is childcare, but i need to be more careful in general - make more careful shopping choices, reduce gas budget by not running needless errands, no impulse buys.   the first two days of the month, i should get a pass, since i'm just...
okay ladies, i'm joining the monthly room challenge after a long haitus away from the do&s board.  i was having way too much fun over the summer to worry about my house . . . and it shows.  now that we're deep into fall, i'm enjoying being at home and definitely in the mood for house projects.   here's my kitchen to-do list (thanks for all the great ideas!) . . . wait, i had to split this into "to-do" and "wish list" because i'm trying to be realistic about what i...
hey up-north families!  this year the birth & baby fair is on a saturday from 10-2.  as always it's a free event with tons of resources for families (pregnancy through early childhood, plus good stuff for parents too).  see the website for more info!   http://www.birthandbabyfairduluth.com/
you deserve better, zz.
okay, but is he going to stop?  at this point, if he does it again, he sucks imo.   i came back to edit / add more because this is bothering me, zoey.  i can read your post two ways.  in one way, he explains himself while apologizing and will not do this again.  the other way is that he explains himself while minimizing and will do it again.  the second option is not okay.  it's great that he meant to be playful and sweet, but he really needs to understand that his...
great poll!  i voted "nah . . . " because i do need more time for healing, but i also WANT to be having a lot more fun!    ugh, that's not cool.  has he ever gotten more than a bad look?  i would flat out tell him that i don't like it and don't want to hear it.  that just would not make me feel good and there's no reason for it.  he can be funny and playful without being hurtful.  
my advice is to not take his calls, if it's a struggle to keep things quiet for a few more days.  just text/email back to him that you've got your hands full with the kids and can't talk right now.
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