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thanks!  I'll give it a go!
thanks!  I think it will just be a verrrrry gradual process and that I need to be patient.  
Hi!  It's been awhile since I've been on Mothering and I'm back with a problem.  I have been nursing for 8 years straight (thanks to you folks here who encouraged me to keep my non solid eaters on my milk).  My youngest turned four a few months ago and still nurses at night and in the morning.  She's eating fine now and will eat soup if she's too gaggy to eat solids.  The past few months I've been asking her to stop after breastfeeding for 10 - 20 seconds (she counts to 10...
  My DH would if they were the expensive LED ones or Florescent but he'd replace them with old school ones....   I leave a full roll and soap!
my ds 4.5 no prob's my 7 uncles and 9 male cousins - no problems
also the "safety harness" is a pita once you know what you're doing!
resist the urge!!!!!!!!!!!!!! really - you don't need it (I've owned a Pikkolo, Freehand MT, SV Bamberoo MT, Bamberoo WC, Oh Snap, Boba, Maya Tie, Kalea RS, Girasol ER, Cotton Tail WC, Robyn's NEst WC, Babies Beyond Borders 1/2 buckle and full buckle, a Didymos Katja, a Didyos blue jeans nino and 2 Ergo's.............plus some I've forgotten.)
if it's for a window company in California with initials as the first part of the name....they won't ever show
i just used tide it worked...
I'd wait until she's 4 - or you'll have 3 years of preschool! there's always a playgroup...(i'm a prek teacher here and there)
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