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you took him/her out of the house for their first outing? Mine was three days old, I wore her in a sling and she was perfectly safe. I have a friend whose wife insists that he can't take his daughter out for a quick father's day breakfast (they are separated) at a bagel shop because their daughter is only 10 days old. She says babies can't leave the house until they are at least a month, but preferably two months, old. FYI she is a nurse. Just wondering your...
less than an hour.
check out the grocery game. i've been using it for a few months now and have saved SO much money on my groceries.
I live in Arizona and with all the windows open today my main level was 87 degrees and my upstairs was 89 degrees. Even so, I refused to turn the air on. I am trying to hold out until May before the air gets turned on and doesn't shut off for 4 or 5 months straight
Quote: Originally Posted by 1growingsprout I grocery game so we have about 6 mos of groceries stockpiled. me too.
I use the Grocery Game and LOVE it! I have stocked up on boxes of cereal for a dollar or less (I have 23 boxes in my pantry right now), free toothpaste and toothbrushes, and lots of other items for 20 cents or so (butter, cheese, etc). I would say definitely worth the $1 trial, I was hooked by week 2!
I've been a strict vegetarian for 16 years, my periods have always been heavy and lasted 7+ days. My cycles are short, too...like 21 days or so. Recently my periods have gotten shorter and the color has changed too (sorry if TMI). Not sure if that can be associated with anything diet-related though. My family has an early menopause trend so maybe it is that...who knows.
my hubby is headed to the airport for a flight home
Quote: Originally Posted by littleaugustbaby How awful. When is he coming home? I don't know. Apparently he feels he is safe...but I just looked online and the EXACT spot that his hotel is at says mandatory evacuation. However, no one at the hotel has mentioned a thing to any of the people sitting in the lobby.
My husband works in San Diego (we live in Arizona but he commutes) and he flew in this morning, tried to go to his office and it had been evacuated (he works right where the 15 hits the Ted Williams). So he is sitting in the lobby of his hotel trying to get work done from there, while people keep pouring in in tears begging for a room because they have been evacuated (one lady lost her home as did many of her friends). Very very sad...and I am worried for my husband...
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