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we still use them...i buy insulated ones and my dd occasionally drinks her water from there when we are on the go - she loves it because it keeps her water cold. she alternates between a sippy cup, a regular cup and a cup with a lid and straw. she is neither picky nor attached to any one type of cup. i will add that she has been able to drink out of a regular cup for...oh...i don't know, at least 2 years (she is three) but when i am in the car, i don't feel the...
i don't like bangs on little girls either. we went through a period with dd where we used clips and barrettes and i am so glad i did not cut bangs on her.
Nope...never. But her line about not being a medical expert and not guaranteeing she won't KILL you is cracking me up!
Without me or DH really "working" on it with her, dd could recognize uppercase letters by age 2 and lowercase letters by around 2.5. Not sure if tht is normal or not.
With only a week past, I would like to think that she is sending you a formal thank-you in the mail. However, I wouldn't think it out of line of you sending a message along the lines of, "I just wanted to make sure that you safely received the package I sent you last week." I never expect a thank you for presents. But recently I sent my little sister a sympathy present (our grandfather died, my oldest sis and I never met him, she grew up across the street from him so he...
Quote: Originally Posted by VikingKvinna There's also a HUGE (like, 10 pages long) crockpot thread on this forum (if oyu do a search it will come up) although not all the recipes there are vegetarian. Also www.justslowcooking.com has a bunch of recipes, although again not all veg. Thanks for the link to that site! There are so many great vegetarian recipes on there! I found a way to get only the no-meat ones to come up, which is perfect!
We like the book Everywhere Babies by Susan Meyers - it is certainly not ABOUT breastfeeding, but it mentions something along the lines of "everyday, everywhere babies are fed. by bottle, by breast, by cup and then spoon......" It also shows a mother nursing her baby and talks about how babies are carried in slings, frontpack carriers, etc (although also mentions car seats and strollers). I like that it shows the many different ways to "be" a baby.
mine returned at 6 months. i've always had very heavy, close-together periods, but still seems early for an exclusively breastfed co-sleeping baby
Quote: Originally Posted by G&B'sMama There is a great book called Fresh from the Vegetarian Slow Cooker. My family will eat just about anything from that cookbook. Glad to hear a positive review about that cookbook. I was debating buying a slow cooker book and that seemed to be the one to get the best reviews but some of the vegetarian slow cooker books had such terrible reviews that I was afraid they would all be useless. I may just pick...
I am so sorry mama! Healing hugs to your dd and your entire family.
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