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i only caught bits and pieces of action (not dialogue) while at the gym tonight but it is on my dvr so i will be back later with my thoughts.
I make a yummy lemon-tahini sauce that I toss with roasted cauliflower. It is to die for!
I have just become obsessed with my crock pot again. Life gets busier and I want to avoid eating out, and most of my energy is early morning or late at night but NOT around dinner time. I have a delicious smelling garbanzo curry going in there right now. But I am wondering if anyone has some more delicious slow cooker ideas?
Quote: Originally Posted by doriansmummy Yes, we are looking into it. We would like to be able to take them. Problem is we do not have a phone line and to run a phone cable to us would cost some big $$ as the lot we are in does not have one we can hook up to. Anyone know how to hook up with credit cards online where you dont need to have a phone line? We have wireless internet there. I did a search and it looks like it is possible. My Dh...
Coffee/Beer Ingredients in food products Clothes for my dd (not mine though...am I strange?) Inappropiately-used apostrophe marks Cleaning procedures in my home
I unfortunately would not be able to stop at your local shop because I NEVER carry cash and write only maybe 10 checks a year. I think you probably are missing out on many customers by not taking cards. I have a local coffee shop that does NOT have a drive thru but since I prefer local over chains (aka Starbucks) I will go there every time I want a coffee out. However, if they didn't take cards I know I would choose the closer to my home and drive-thru Starbucks nearly...
Pick what you can buy organic, try to minimally buy local on the other items. I buy almost exclusively organic "packaged" items (cereal, fruit strips, pizza, pasta, sauces, bread, etc). My SuperTarget carries hundreds or organic items and they are cheaper there than at any other store I have comped. I buy as much produce as organic as I can, but when I can't, I shop at my local farmer's market. Local produce is about half the price as chain-store purchased...
AS far as I have ever been aware (and I've worked in the banking industry in the past) the references are just a point of contact. Unlike references for, say, a job application, the references on a credit app are simply to help locate a person if the bank is having difficulty.
my almost 3-year old dd ALWAYS says goodnight to the sun if we are out anywhere and the sun is setting. and usually she says goodnight to the moon, to the stars, and to her aunt that lives in ohio.
Quote: Originally Posted by North_Of_60 I just flew on the 12th of July, and DD was asleep in the MT and they never made me take her out. I did take off my shoes though. When I walked through the metal detector and it didn't beep (purposely wore the MT so the rings on the sling didn't set it off) he said I was good to go, helped me get the stroller off the x-ray machine, and wished me a good flight. That's awesome! It has not been my...
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