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Also, from my experience, you won't be able to carry dc in sling while going through security. They will actually make you take dc out of sling, and remove shoes just like an adult would have to (I am guessing that at 4 months old he will probably not have shoes on anyway, but just a heads-up). It was a real pain every time we flew with dd and we had to remove her from the sling or front-pack carrier. Oh, and we have ALWAYS used the car seat on the plane....so...
I am USUALLY more like party #2, except for the handmade invitations and the bounce house. BUT, I do think of a theme, and plan around that (whatever dd decides on). And I do tend to give out really awesome, plastic-free party favors to the children (LOL I think I spend more on them than the value of the presents that my dd receives). This year, though, I have not planned anything...not yet anyway. Her birthday is less than a month away, so I guess I should figure...
Quote: Originally Posted by De-lovely I am going to see Ben Harper in another month.....I am so excited! I would miss Ben Harper for ALMOST nothing! Have my fingers double and triple crossed (is that even possible) that we will be able to get tickets for his LA show when the presale starts in 2 weeks. It's a drive, but more than worth it!
RedEnvelope has the best products - I use them almost exclusively for present-giving (them and Uncommon Goods). Another FYI in the savings department - if anyone has a Upromise Citibank card, you can save extra money that way by using it to make your RedEnvelope purchase. Another cute tent is the one that IKEA makes. It's not as big as the RedEnvelope one but is a whole lot cheaper! http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/30073090
Oatmeal? don't really eat it, much more of a yogurt with granola girl Coffee/Tea? DARK DARK DARK roast coffee with only half and half, cannot STAND milk in my coffee....tea is sans any sugar or fake sugar and preferably with a lemon in it Toast? lightly toasted, with a slice of cheese and some garlic powder on it Eggs? for breakfast - scrambled only, brown as can be without being "burnt" - on the rare occasion that i do have an omelet, it must be a "flipped" omelet,...
kind of going off lurable's example - i always thought dd1 and ds4, for example, meant birth order and dd-1 and ds-4 meant ages. but what i've wondered (which may just confuse the heck out of others) is, say you have 3 dds and 4 dss...would your succession of children be dd1, dd2, and dd3 and then ds1, ds2, ds3 and ds4, or would the number after the dc be for order they were born? so then, in theory, you could have dd1, dd2, ds3, ds4, dd5, ds6 and ds7? now i've...
I took my dd to her first concert when she was 34 weeks in utero. We saw and she "heard" Metallica and Godsmack. We stayed as far away from the pit as possible (LOL - reserved seating for us). She came out just fine
mine are free...guess i'd have to look at dh's and dd's to know...i've never really thought about it.
it's great that such a "mainstream" company is showing breastfeeding in their ads...that's wonderful!
it is a WAHM shop (well mostly work at home mamas)...lots of little "stores" individually owned. lots of mamas make some really really adorable clothes, and the quality is so much nicer than many big brand clothes! www.hyenacart.com is the link
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