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Quote: Originally Posted by Awaken I've been watching Morgan Spurlock's 30 Days which has been pretty fascinating did a new season start? that is one of my faves, and i checked the website a couple weeks ago and nothing was listed for a new season :
big love, entourage, little people big world, jon & kate plus 8
ebay is a good start, and so is hyenacart
at the coffee shop maybe once a week....anywhere else i wait to see if my food is prepared properly first. too many times i throw a few bucks into a jar only to wait forever for my food and have it come out WRONG. so i never ever do it before-hand anymore.
i have the world's most difficult sleeper! we did it for a little while too. then i started thinking about all the gas i was wasting (and this was before fuel costs were SO high). we started putting her in the stroller at night and walking around the neighborhood and then let her sleep in the stroller for a little while before transferring her to our bed. better for the earth, better for my booty! i do say though, whatever works and makes it easier on you mama!
We didn't potty-train, just "convinced her" that it was time to stop using diapers. We put out the potty and then eventually took away her diapers (she was changing her own by about 2 years old) and she has only had a handful of accidents (maybe 3) in almost 3 months. She will be 3 in september.
Quote: Originally Posted by ThreeBeans "Where's your mama, little one? Let's go find your mama." :
Another non-fan of PETA here. I have been a vegetarian for 16 years but never really cared for PETA. Just recently, I watched an episode of Penn & Teller's Bullsh!t that REALLY turned me off to PETA - it was really enlightening!
oh, what a wonderful experience. I am almost POSITIVE I can think of the exact usher you are talking of....we were at a Padres game recently and sat in the bleacher seats and I was AMAZED at how friendly one usher in particular was!
I watched this show last night too, until I fell asleep before the last 15 minutes. So, what is the "book" everyone is referring to...I think it is the book "As Nature Made Him" but just want to be sure....I would love to read it. What a tragic story...so so sad
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