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Maybe this is a selfish feeling, but here goes...... my DH and i have been TTC #1 since our 1-year anniversary, nearly 2 years ago! Now, we have taken some breaks and haven't been as hard-core about it as we could have, but still, nothing (AF just started today, as a matter of fact). Meanwhile, it feels like everyone around me is having babies, babies, babies!! I have only told two people about my DH and my efforts of TTC, one being my sister, the other my best...
Quote: Originally posted by rainsmom Ive got in the car: Train - my private nation - BIG DISAPPOINTMENT! Ben Harper- diamonds in the rough Pete Yorn-newest Lucinda Williams-newest Jayhawks-newest The THorns-newest sorry, to early in the day for me to remember titles.... [/B] rainsmom -- how exciting, another ben harper fan!! As you can tell by my id, he is my favorite!! His new album is actually called "Diamonds on the Inside"...
You can also go on www.ebay.com for pregnancy tests....i just bought some myself (hopeful that this will FINALLY be the month we conceive!!). I think I bid on an auction that cost $6.00 for 15 of them, though there were plenty of other quantities available. There were also ovulation tests for sale in the same type of fashion. Good luck to you!!
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