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Quote: Originally Posted by jessie.gray . That and I think she has obsessive compulsive disorder when it comes to cleaning and organization. I mean, I have never seen someone clean their house from top to bottom BEFORE a cleaning lady comes by. Ummm....I do! But I would consider myself OCD, so I think that description is fitting!
I keep an extra pair of undies, pants and shoes in the car or my purse with me when we go out, but so far, after 5 weeks of potty learning, we have not had a single accident while out anywhere. So far, so good And we go out....a LOT!!
selectively vaxed up to age one, no health issues to speak of.
usually it is between 78-81 and slightly cooler at night. we are smack dab in the arizona desert (wehere today it was 114 degrees out) so any lower and our electric bill would be unbearable!
I voted yes, and agree with lots of the reasons already posted.
If I'm being honest, it makes me think of a cat.
getting in on this thread a bit late but just saw movie last night. read the book months ago, but don't remember the castrating part, i think in the book he actually attacks sara in the park, and ronnie comes in and helps her, i could be remembering it wrong. the book was far superior to this movie IMO. they left out a lot of depth in ronnie's character, and i think that the narration was, at the least, inneccessary, but also a bit creepy. i don't know, it is...
i LOVE dress two, but think that dress one can be made into more of an evening dress that number two can.
Quote: Originally Posted by gool0005 The last few states that I have lived in don't require gloves for food service and all the places I have worked food service at have not required gloves. So I guess my word of warnign is not to eat out in the southeast if that kind of thing bothers you. well i have never experienced it as a state-wide law (health depts vary by county).....but most restaurants implement the TYPE of food safety they carry out,...
Ours is mostly called KK (more than her actual first name) but we also call her meow-meow and small fry.
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