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Quote: Originally Posted by fromscatteredtribe where is the homesteading forum? i still don't see anything like that?? it's a subthread in mindful home management -- country living / off the grid
aww...super cute proposal and super cute babies!!
DH and I have been together for almost 12 years...all of those with me a vegetarian and him a meat-eater. I used to make separate dishes for each of us...then it started where I would make dishes vegetarian and he would add a piece of meat to his and I would accommodate his dislike of beans or soy by putting them on the side. In the past year or so, DH has gotten MUCH more educated about foods and sees where I am coming from. He realizes the importance of organic...
Cost Plus World Market has some great reusable bamboo dishes. Perfect sized for toddlers, IMO also. We use Corelle....holds up great on my ceramic tile!
LOL did they carry you in a green suitcase??
I have one too...also from OSA. We really like it, I just HATE thinking about my kiddo eating off a table that was just wiped with a dirty cloth and a solution that appears to be WINDEX when we restaurant-dine. Now if only I could remember to take it with me when we go out!
In my group of friends I am by far the crunchiest, but put me in a room with many mamas on MDC and no one would likely guess that I was crunchy....you know how some people "come off" that way - well I am not one of them!
Although I would be wondering in my head what would MAKE a woman with a two day old baby HAVE to be at the mall that badly to prop a bottle in his mouth, I would say nothing because I do not make assumptions based on a single moment in time. If the woman was my friend and she had a two day old and said she was taking him to the mall because she "just felt like shopping" or something like that, I might have something to say... I would NEVER EVER want someone judging me...
We go to Trader Joe's about once a week, although if it were up to my dd (2.5 years old) we would go there every day! When she wakes up in the morning, she will say, "ooh, it's not dark out anymore....joe joe's isn't closed anymore!" and then beg to go so she can push a cart, get a balloon, and her favorite, one by one hand the groceries to the cashier (she likes to "help" and they are super-patient there). Anyway, these are what we buy there pretty much every trip...
another fan here, although i am a few episodes behind
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