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I own it and think its a super great book
oh tracy, I'm sorry s
where is Tracy? she really - among others! helped me to come out of my shell in my lurking stage! :LOL My little boy was a preemie- 5 weeks early and although he was large, 6 pound 20 inch, he was a preemie and I had NO CLUE about anything. thought my dr of 13 yrs was gold, ya know? well, my little monkey was on 4 antibiotics and was being vaxed, up till 6 mos and at 4 mos he started with the eczema... oh talk about fear.....chills up my spine... anyhoo I was so...
I read to stay away from citrus.....but sounds like they are ok... well, I've been raw now for 4 weeks and I cannot believe the tarter build up is just coming right off!! its so awesome, he didn't have a hole lot but he does have tarter.. and his breath is bearable, he loves the raw turkey necks~ Iam really enjoying this! thanks for the replies! I think he is happier too! :LOL
I SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO RELATE, you know I just have to say, some people are different than others... and I don't mean that snide. My neighbor gave her son 14 mos at the time, these like string fruity gummy things that were dyed blue red orange and came off of this round ball thing .. She gave my son some, 3 1/2 and I literally (after I realized what was going on over there) said THAT'S ENOUGH and pulled him away, and you know what? I really didn't care, it was so great ...
my cat devoured it like a savage beast... wet and dry his name is demon :LOL great stuff and really good quality, although with my research (dogs food only got rid of demon seed not to long ago home made is a good choice.
Does anyone do this for there dog? how long and what is it you do, if u don't mind and speaking of good food. I had Friday coconut shrimp Keywester Naperland IL and oh my oh my
Gosh how I remember... 3 yrs ago scowering MDC for information feeling like I'm on trial waiting for my sentence, thinking twice about my decision to NOT VAX . It's been 3+ yrs now and all I'd like to say is thank you so much ladies and men who have dedicated so much of there time to helping us ones to research I believe, fairly enough, and make clear choice decisions about or children. I still come here to scower and I think I know it all I just love...
OK, I just read Milos thread and which by the way I hope her little ones come through strong. Does anyone know the % or likely hood of child having severe and not so severe symptoms of this disease? Like if 2 babies 0-12, children 12mos-10yrs or 12yrs-18yrs adolescents get it will each be full blown? or ..( I know everyone is different but) is or are all pertussis cases REALLY bad? I wonder how many children have been swabbed for it came back pos and have had...
my dog is not outside dog, I do not worry so much to the cost of preventives, I cook the spoiled beast organic livers ect... LOL but I will get him tested and IF need I will by every means alternatively help him with a holistic approach. Thanks everyone for helping me out with this difficult decision! so very much appreciate it
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