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I am in the same boat. My babes are 11 months and still no period but super ewcm and cramps.. I am sure that I O'd.. I never used and OPK though.. Like you, I am not ready to stop the nursing.. UGH!!
I think that I have finally O'd. Maybe last week. I had a ton of ewcm and cramps. That is the first time that I have had any symptoms that ovulation was near. DD self weaned around 9 months and Sam is still nursing day and night. I am hoping that we caught the egg.. I am probably about 5 dpo or so.. Good luck. I guess that I can be moved to the 2ww.. Thanks! Luna- How is the baby? I am glad to see you here. Good luck!!
If I really did O, I would be 2-3 DPO. I am hoping to have caught my first PP egg. I had all of my normal symptoms. Cramps and a ton of ewcm.. We only dtd once. The day before but they say that the swimmers live for 5-7 days. Who knows??
You have so many of us just like you. That is why we are here. Like you DH and I tried for 2 years and after several losses we moved over to infertility. I promise you that the appoinments get easier and as I sit and nurse my twins daily the journey is so worth the wait. Don't give up and feel free to pm me any time!!
I was never lucky enough to get a bfp before 12 dpo and that was with my twins. The metallic taste could be from your vitamins, if you are taking them. I always had sore breasts during the 2ww as well. Like the other's said, be patient and good to yourself. Test again in a couple of days. Good luck!
Hi mamas!! I am pretty sure that I am fertile after a very long time. I am still B/F one of my 11 month old twins. DD self weaned a couple of months ago. I have a ton of EWCM and have for a couple of days. I do not temp due to lack of sleep. It is rare to get 3 hours in a row.. Anyway, I am hoping to catch my first pp eggie.. Good luck to you all!!
Same here. I am 5 months pp and still nursing my twins. I almost feel as though I could start my period any second. My doctor said that it could very well be the case. I hope that you get some answers soon.
Hi there and congrats on your twins. We went from a Volvo wagon to a Toyota Sienna. We once owned a Mustang GT convertible and a Mercedes Kompressor. I understand how you feel about jumping from a Mini Cooper to a mini van but I will say that our 8 passenger 2008 Toyota Sienna is still luxury but in a different way. We have 5 month old twins and 2 other childern and we have a ton of room.. Just drove to Florida in September. Good luck with your decision..
Hi mamas, I am ttc again. Well we are not calling it trying. We want to avoid the stress of temping, charting etc.. I still bf my 5 month old twins around the clock, so temping is unrealistic for me. We co sleep as well.. I have not had a ppaf as of yet. Do you suggest paying attention to my cm? Or using cheap op's? Any advice would be great. Thanks Shawna
Oh my goodness is she beautiful and strong. Well done Lilah!! :
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