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I am a G, I don't wear a bra when sleeping and I tend to not wear a bra during the day at home either.  I always wear one when going out, and sometimes when I get home I don't feel like taking it off, because I'm feeling lazy so it stays on.  I have been fitted and a well fitted bra is nice, that being said, I still prefer no bra support most of the time.
This, but I will occasionally say it the second way without thinking about it or when talking to DH.  I know that it is pronounced the first way, but based on the spelling it should be a short e not a long e! 
I'm thinking it is the age, because DS has recently started melting down too when he doesn't get his way and he just turned 4 recently.    I just let him know when he is done with his tantrum we can talk about it and see if we can come to an agreement, but if he keeps having a fit the first answer stands.  Sometimes I might change my mind if after he is calm he can give me a good reason for it, and sometimes the original answer stands. I do make sure he understands...
I'd just wait for now if you aren't sure.  The worst that happens is there is a big gap between 2 and 3.  If you decide to eventually have 4 you can always have 3 and 4 close together like 1 and 2 were.  A big age gap isn't really a big deal, other then having to get back into baby mode again when the baby comes.   You sound really unsure right now though, so I would just wait till you are sure one way or the other.
DD gave up naps around that age.  It was a bit of a transition, but she really didn't seem to need them.  If she had a nap she would be up till sometime between 10pm and midnight, if she didn't she went to bed happily by 8.  That being said the days she did nap she would still sleep for 2 to 3 hours, she didn't reduce the amount of time she slept during naps when she cut them out, she just stopped napping.     That being said, I think it is fairly common around...
I'd let her fly if she wants to.  In August my 2 and 4 year old will be flying to Georgia with my Mom, and not me, and I'll be following a few days later with the 4 month old.  I am not to worried about the while Bin Laden thing though.  I am a bit worried about the advance scanners and pat downs, but even they don't worry me too much.  If it is something I was looking forward to doing I would fly and let my child fly without any issue.
DD stopped napping at 18 months.  She would stay up till 11 or midnight if she napped, if she didn't she would go to bed by 8pm and sleep till 8 or 9am.  So we stopped her naps.  You can always try it and see if it works for you.  DS didn't stop napping till 2 1/2, when he had the same issues as DD about staying up till midnight if he napped.  Each child is different, but yes while some children need to nap till 5 or older, some are done naps by 18 months or so, even if...
Honestly I had to stop using the Radian rear-facing with DD because of this issue. At the slot it needed to be at for her and her weight it would not tighten all the way down.  It would on the bottom slot, but not the second from bottom.  I checked it at one point and it was all the way at the tightest it could possibly go as well, so I just gave up and figure when she gains some weight or when DS is big enough we'll put her or him in it, until then DD is back in her old...
We have changed our guest room into a parent's room with a futon, rather then a dedicated guest room.  At the moment it is filled with laundry and various boxes that need to be sorted and put away.  When we get to that (hopefully sometime this year) it will contain 3 or 4 bookshelves, 2 IKEA shelves that hold buckets to store scrapbooking stuff and fabric in, a futon, nightstand and a desk.
If no one pees the bed, we tend to change the sheets about every 2 weeks.  However, at the moment we tend to change the sheets every 4 to 6 days or so, due to one or the other small ones peeing the bed/peeing through their diapers.   When we had a guest bed, I would always put on fresh sheets before my guest arrived, and wash them after they left. 
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