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Our AC is broken right now, and we have needed it a couple of the days it has been broken.  I don't really put a number on when I turn it on, but normally by the time the house hits 80 inside I have put it on.  I like the temperature around 76 in the summer during the day and 72 at night.  I never get the night temp though and even the day temp I try to leave the AC at 78, unless I can't stand it any longer.  DH can take slightly warmer temperatures then me and the small...
Go with the flow here for naps, but neither of my older 2 nap.  DS stopped at 2 1/2 and DD stopped at 18 months.  That being said, DD at this point really need to be in bed by 7:30/8pm or she gets grumpy, so we are a bit more picky about bedtime right now. 
I had this, and all 3 of my children have it.  Since it hasn't affected breastfeeding, I am not worried about it.  When there permanent teeth start coming in I will have it clipped, it is a simple procedure but most oral surgeons wait till you are older to clip it.  It can effect teeth spacing and my Mom had a large gap between her two front teeth because of hers.  All of my siblings got theirs clipped as early teenagers and none of us have had an issue with it.
When we finish the backyard I plan to let the 4 year old and 2 year old out alone back there.  That being said, I won't trust them alone with the dog, otherwise in a perfectly safe fenced backyard with no hazards, I won't have a problem with my toddler out there playing alone.
I honestly can't remember when DD or DS started going up and down stairs on their own.  I know it was when they were both under 18 months, I want to say around 15 month for both up and down with DD and and 18 month for down with DS, earlier with up.  I do know I haven't had to help DD in at least 8 to 9 months, but I am not sure if it was longer then that or not.
My Mom breastfed me for 10 months, until she knew she was pregnant with my sister.  She breastfed my sister for 12 months and the twins for 12 and 13 months!  She did CIO with all of us, and did CIO with all of us, but not the extreme never go in and check type, more of the couple of minutes type.  She also co-slept with us from  when we were 6+ months on, she couldn't sleep with us in the room when we were infants, but I know my sister slept with my parents from around...
DS was attached to my boob for ages,  fortunately he is better about it now, but he still likes to pat them.  DD is attached to my stomach skin, she loves to rub and pinch it, it is really annoying actually and I am working hard to work on stopping it, because it is not that comfortable to be DD's lovey.  DS2, hasn't attached to anything yet, but he is only 5 days old, I am hoping if he does attach to something it is something other then a part of my body!
I won't do it.  DD has a dairy issue, and is under the 5th percentile for weight, I don't think giving her something that is a known problem, milk protein, is a good idea at all.  I would try to find other fats that work, maybe cooking with coconut oil, using beans (DD loves black beans) and trying to find other high fat foods that she likes instead would be a much better idea.  Heck if nothing else what about a coconut milk yogurt smoothie with extra fats in it of some...
First the quick stats. Sullivan Mohan Singhal, March 29, 2011, 2:32pm. 9 pounds 4 ounces, 22 inches, lots of dark black hair, and dark grey eyes. Born via c-section, both he and I are doing great. Pictures soon.   Now the longer story. I woke yesterday around 5am in labor. I had about 8 contractions in the first 50 minutes or so. I woke up Dan and he called his parents to come watch the small ones. They got to the house around 7:30, we got to the hospital around...
I never remembering seeing mine with DS, though I did notice a lot of mucousy discharge before he was born.  With DD I lost it in active labor, it was my first actual transition in labor, threw up and out came the mucous plug.  This one I've had some discharge and a bit of plug there too, but haven't lost the whole thing yet, I figure I will either see it or not, but I'm not counting on it coming out before active labor.
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