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Oh the last part of my gift to my person arrived this afternoon, so I mailed it out before going to the SNN office. Yay! Hopefully it will get there in the next few days I paid for priority shipping.
So I'm back from the Social Security office, it went fine there, DS should have his correctly SSN card in 2 weeks or so, and DH and I should have our replacement cards at the same time. It didn't take as long as we were expecting, yay!
Quote: Originally Posted by ShyDaisi Got to go to work and I am still 3 pages behind!! I will catch up tonight! Hopefully you will be even further behind when you get back. Mwhahaha we must we must we must increase our posting.
Quote: Originally Posted by ShyDaisi I bought it on Amazon.com. I researched a lot of different baby scales, and this one seemed to strike a balance between affordable and reliable. Baby/Toddler Weight Scale Cool scale, but I doubt I could get DH to agree to get one, sigh responsible money useage or something.
We've had the same thing happen. DS use to be a wonderful sleeper. He was sleeping through the night at 6 weeks. Then we hit 6 months and he stopped. He started waking once, then twice, now every 2 hours. I so want him to sleep for at least 3 to 4 hours straight, but he won't comply. He does sleep in bed with us which makes it so much easier though then having to get him from a crib every 2 hours.
Quote: Originally Posted by hanno nope When I was 16 I took the test and failed. I was in the office crying because I thought I did really good and a man who worked there said 'don't worry, she's failed everyone today'. Never tried again and until recently I've lived in places with excellent public transit. Here's not too bad, there's one route route that can get me most places but it's no metro! That sucks. On the other hand I hate...
Quote: Originally Posted by mclisa My high school friends are getting together on Friday. I work this weekend. I'm trying to arrange it so I make my girls' program at church on Sunday. At noon we're eating at my parents. I work Christmas Eve morning for a bit. Then to his sister's for the rest of the day. Then to my aunt's house on Day. All live in the same town so no real travel. And somewhere we sneak in our own family...
Quote: Originally Posted by mclisa Who has to travel for Christmas? We sort of do. We drive to my inlaws which is 45 minutes away on Christmas day to celebrate there. We're thinking about moving it to our house next year if it is just the 5 of us though, because our house is set up far better for Desmond.
Quote: Originally Posted by mclisa This weekend I started nursing Sophia in her room. We moved the chair that I usually nurse in because the tree is there. She was distractable and she needed to go down for a nap. It worked well. Nice to know that works. I tend to take Desmond up to our room when I really need him to nap and eat. He is still distracted but not as badily since lying in the bed he can't see much.
Quote: Originally Posted by mclisa I know some are having cloth diaper issues, but sposies aren't issue free. I had a sitter over last night and she put S to bed. She woke up around midnight and her jammies were soaked. The diaper was on so I'm thinking she either had Claire's on or didn't get it on tight enough. She is such a wiggler to diaper. I have ways to distract her, but it is tough. Ick, I almost always put a cover over sposies...
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