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1800homeopathy.com is where I buy my salts from.  I prefer the Bestmade brand but they're very expensive and with 5 of us we're going through them quickly.
I voted even though my daughter is fully weaned. At the time she nightweaned she was 26 months and sleeping in a twin bed pushed against our king. About 10 months later she was in the twin in our room but separated from our bed. Two months after that she was in her own room. 6 months after nightweaning her little sister was born, 7 months after nightweaning she weaned completely.
Quote: Originally Posted by Tway S Just thought I'd share in case anyone else wants to poke rested parents in the eye from time to time... A friend of mine is always talking about how her baby (6 months younger than DD2) is sleeping 10-7. Her daughter's sleep hasn't been so great lately though My first daughter was up every 20 minutes or so for the first 20 months. Then I discovered some food allergies and we magically went to three...
Boars head turkey breast is dairy/soy (top 8) free if you need lunch meat. Tyson chicken nuggets are dairy free (not sure on soy). We eat lots of BEANS now that we're off top 8 plus corn, rice, citrus, gluten.
If you have time to make them yourself Duncan Hines is dairy free. NOT the rainbow cake or the white cake. The yellow, chocolate, etc are all dairy free.
Offer small quantities but allow him to eat until he's done. He knows best when he's full BUT, I really like SeekingJoy's idea of nursing in the middle
Jojoba oil is working for us!
I keep forgetting to come back to MDC. I get too busy working two jobs and taking care of the girls. Abigail is closing in on 10 months and had a HUGE lot of milestones this past month. She's gotten two teeth, learned to crawl, pull to standing, and cruise. Crazy. She's only 15.5lbs but we had a rough road with food allergies for awhile there. It looks like things are better but I'm crazy when it comes to checking her stools for mucous/blood and watching her for...
Quote: Originally Posted by D_McG When DS was an infant I would bring him. With DD I just figured she'd have to get used to being without me for 2 minutes. And she did in no time at all. I also learned this later on with DD1 and just kept going with DD2. DH usually springs into action and frankly, since we are an attachment parenting, cosleeping FAMILY he'll share in the responsibilities regardless of his needing to go to work. He didn't...
I'm going to try to make a long story short. DD is 8 months old and weighs somewhere in the ballpark of 14-14.5lbs. At 4 months she was 14lbs 1oz. Yes, no weight gain in four months. We've had a rough road with food intolerances which I've got pretty much figured out thanks to a panel on myself plus muscle testing on both of us ... and a lot of trial and error. I'm dairy, soy, gluten, fish, shellfish, treenut, peanut, rice, cantaloupe, potato, tomato, pepper,...
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