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I refuse to cut my hair, absolutely refuse! I do wear pony tails a lot when I'm tired, but now that my mojo seems to be coming back, I plan on styling it a bit more like I used to before I had number three. It's just past my shoulders and it can go halfway down my back before I remember to give it a trim. I look good with long hair and am not letting mommyhood take it.
Quote: Originally Posted by sanguine_speed Glad to hear I'm not alone, though it sounds like it happens to me more frequently than others. I was wondering if it might be my stance or my body language otherwise that makes it seem that I could be easily moved out of the way, and it sounds like a few of you have mentioned this. I will try some of the suggestions, and I am not moving anymore. Though I think I may have to get ready to eat coat sleeve . ...
we use G.G. too
My babies come with a lot of luggage. My midwives all swore up and down that I was having at least a 10lb baby. I was huge and terrified of delivering and what kind of shape I'd be in afterward. In the end, baby was 8'10 and a remarkably easy delivery. With number one, I'd say I looked pretty average. With number two, I was much bigger, he was my largest at 9'1, but by far, DS3 I measured the largest. Thankfully, that was not the case. In each pregnancy, I was down to...
A lot of people have commented on my latest being a big (as in huge) baby. He was 8'10. I consider big to be the better of 9.5, so it's always met with surprise from me.
This year we're doing a gift exchange, although a really close friend and I do exchange presents for our kids. Previous years it was something small, like a book or something, but I think everyone wants to just simplify.
Quote: Originally Posted by junipermuse Also I don't understand why its always assumed that just because a person parents differently than you that they're looking down at you and judging you. I guess it made me sad because I almost identified with the B!*$#y mom a bit. I do feel sad to hear that a mom isn't breastfeeding, but usually I just feel bad because I know how little support and how few resources are out there. I do think that breastmilk is a...
I found it hilarious. It might be stereotypical, but I've come across a lot of judgmental preachy mothers and sad to say, most of them fall in the crunchy set.
My 39 year old husband STILL needs to be told "Okay, you have 15 minutes to get ready." I don't have anything to add to all the great suggestions though. I might try a kitchen timer myself.
I have one on my forehead. It's significantly faded, but you needn't search hard to see it. It's not affected my decision one way or the other to vax my kids.
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