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first baby was 8'1, active labour was nearly 8 hours. Second baby was 9'1, active labour was 4 hours. Third baby was 8'10, active labour was 2 hours. Pushing was short with all three (20 minutes or under) last baby was 2 minutes.
I was lukewarm on my Odyssey when I first got it, but I'm loving the power doors, the space, the heated seats. *G* I had to drive a Caravan for a week (some doofus smashed my car as it was parked in the driveway) and I kissed my Odyssey when I got it back. It just handles so nicely and sooo not like a van. I have a 2010, the stupid thing about it is in the back, there is only one latch which is in the middle. I did a seat belt install with the hooks in back and they are...
Quote: Originally Posted by Kristine233 Can't believe I'm posting this, lol. But here is a picture of the ones I got today... not sure if I'll wear them out or not. http://websavvymama.com/out5.jpg I'm a size 18 currently. I like it. You look great. I think you might have convinced me to give it a try.
Quote: Originally Posted by kittywitty Do you all that wear leggings have supermodel legs? I haven't worn them since elementary school but I can not imagine they'd be flattering on my legs. I have size 16 legs. I have to say of my body features, they're one of the better parts I don't mind showing them off. My only problem is, I'm not too fond of leggings, but I do love the look of them with a stylish sweater dress.
Two of them are named after really amazing famous men who worked together and so they match in that regard. They all have more traditional, classical names so their names do seemed matched in that regard. They all have a nice ring to them.
I don't agonize, I don't defend, I don't justify. If I'm the odd one out, so be it. Maybe because I have kid number 3 and simply don't care about what other people really think anymore. *G* We do AP piecemeal based on what works for us. We GD, we don't CIO, we work hard on good nutrition and homemade foods...I work hard. lol We don't co-sleep and while I nurse as much as I can, my body is unable to make prolactin so it's pretty hard. I wear my wrap or use the stroller...
Unless the dog is old or disabled, I think it's ridonkulous. It's sad that perfectly healthy dogs are unable to go for a walk around the block, makes me want to ask the breeder what the heck they were doing. But I'm of the mentality that dogs are pets (and cherished ones-I still mourn my doggies) and should be able to accompany you on a good walk without any problems. I once saw an owner pitch a fit because a grocery store objected to her bringing her poodle into it....
I'm not usually in places where people ask me for money, but I'll often give it out. We also donate to a downtown organization that my aunt runs, that works with people who might be homeless or in some sort of tough situation. A lot of my friends read the riot act to me for giving my spare change, because they believe it will inevitably go towards booze or drugs, but I figure if there is a chance it goes towards some food, or shelter and I have it to spare, then I...
Where I am, the baggy pants down to one's behind has no boundary, including race, so gangsta would not be a racially charged word for me, since everyone wants to be on that bandwagon, much to my chagrin.
Just seems like a stupid joke. I might have given it a little weird eye, but she sounds a little socially awkward so I wouldn't have thought twice. And for context, I'm a woman of colour, grew up in an inner city at risk community in Toronto (for folks who don't know, seriously multi-cultural as well) and hung out with gangs.
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