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Small kids with adults should be fine. They can be brazen creatures, but it's pretty rare. I know on my friend's street, one came up behind a dog owner and grabbed her puppy, but I've found that they're usually only really cheeky when smaller animals are around.
It was fun! You got dressed up, got to wear makeup and got to go out at night with your friends to get candy! What's not to love...well the cold, it was usually freezing if not covered in snow when we were kids, but we've been lucky as parents in the past few years and it's been warm enough to go out with just a sweater and costume. Maybe an upswing to global warming.
DS1 could carry a tune by the time he was 2 easy. He loves to sing still and adores music. DS2 is just starting to carry a tune at almost 3.
Embrace the insanity for it is the norm.
I have a Graco booster, a Graco bucket base and a Marathon. I'm trying to keep calm, but I'm post partum, hormonal and really angry about this.
My van (2010 Honda Odyssey) was smashed while sitting innocently in the driveway. I saw this on the security camera. Some UAV smashed into the trailer my neighbour parks in the road, then while making a get-away, they backed into my driveway and smashed the back of my van. Basically, they tore off the right rear light, banged up the fender and left a good skid on the side. In addition to flattening a tire on the front right, how, I don't know. Needless to say they didn't...
I would not want my teen handling that kind of burden. I've worked with suicidal people professionally. I have the training to help them, but also to remove myself and my responsibility away from their choices. On the other hand, there is a good chance he's being manipulative, it is a tactic for people who seek to control their partners. I would be sympathetic to her and her friend's plight, but I'd also stress heavily how much this is NOT her responsibility. How...
Colds aren't a huge thing for me when it comes to DS1, he gets over them quickly and with little problems. DS2 has asthma and it's a major pain to have to deal with that once the cold settles in his chest. Last big cold, he ended up in the hospital, as did I in my wonderful pregnant glory. Really though, there is little I can do to prevent them, since chances are if their friends have a cold, it's gone around their school and they likely have it too. Still, I like to try...
I see folks posting here from Toronto and see other cities have their tribes, so I'm hoping we can get our own tribe/chatting going. I'm Joy, I have three boys, 5, 3, and 1 month. I live in Scarborough on a quiet little street-as my kids would say, in the forest. I can get to the eastern core in about 20 minutes if the stars align and magic happens and the DVP is moving. Otherwise, I can usually get to the Beach taking another route. I grew up downtown and in the...
wow, good timing. I've been feeling pretty down and depressed lately. My clothes are all fitting weird and my skin looks like hell. I'm planning on booking a facial and maybe a pedicure. My wardrobe will have to wait a bit (it doesn't look frumpy, just not behaving as they would pre-pregnancy) but I am trying to find a few choice sweaters/blouses.
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