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I have over 1000+ oz of breastmilk to donate, which has been accumulating since late August 2010 up until now. I donated through here a few years back when I had a huge stash after my 2nd was born. I would like for this to be picked up as its too hard to go to the post office with little ones. The milk has been stored in my large chest deep freezer in 6-10 oz portions in lansinoh storage bags. I would like to be reimbursed for the cost of supplies(bags, pump parts). I...
My personal favorite diaper pattern, which is free to boot, is the sprout snap. Love this pattern! Its a front snapping, one size diaper that comes with options of either 1 row or 2 rows of snaps. I use the 2 row template for pul pockets since there is no wing droop, although I prefer the single row of snaps for my pocket fitteds. There are no instructions with the pattern since its free. You can find it here: http://www.doddlebee.com/SproutSnap.pdf
My daughter has quite sensitive skin and we make our own solution. I bought a 2 lb brick of melt and pour glycerine soap-I use shea butter, but you can also get olive oil, goats milk, or just plain. I cut 1/4 lb chunk off and put in the microwave to melt. I add some drops of fragrance and a few drops of tea tree oil, which can be omitted, and then poured into the molds you use to make candy. I work at Hobby Lobby and bought the small flower shape molds. Pop them out and...
I've used the pastel pul at Joanns with no problems. I've heard that many people are having problems with the bright colors(blue, red, lime) delaminating.
I've had good luck posting in the finding your tribe section board here as well as milkshare http://milkshare.birthingforlife.com/
I just had my 3rd child and all of my kids have used standard mouth bottles with evenflo nipples with no problems. Anthony, my 1st preferred the silicone nipples and my 2nd Bryant liked the latex nipples. My new little girl Carisma is taking the silicone nipples just fine. With both boys I tried different bottles, including the born free, avent and breast flow and they hated them.
I would be interested in the cuddlebums one size pattern if you still had it.
There are two good trainer patterns that I like that seem to have the features you might be looking for. My favorite of the two is the trimsies trainer pattern. The other pattern is the tinkle time trainers. You should be able to find the links to them via google.
I've made a ton of wrap style wool covers just using a diaper pattern and binding with fold over elastic. I've made mine with the fattycakes pattern which is an awesome side snapping pattern that seems to fit most babies. You can also do a turned and topstitched cover with 2 sweater layers as long as they aren't too bulky.
NAK Going awesome here! Carisma is a very efficient nurser--she was born at 7 lbs 0.1 oz, left the hospital 2 days later at 6 lbs 10 oz and at 5 days was 7 lbs 5.5 oz. She loves to nurse and can drain me in about 5-10 minutes and then sleep for about 3 hours before she repeats the cycle again--much easier than either of my boys were. I'm dealing with oversupply too, just as I had w ds2. I'm just using a handpump to relieve engorgement since my 2 1/2 yr old decided to wean...
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