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So I am 19 weeks pregnant and just had my ultrasound. the doc called me in and told me the baby has a choroid plexus cyst and there is a 1 in 374 chance of baby having trisomy 18. Baby looks good other than that so she says my chances are lower because of that. Does anyone have any experience with this? I am pretty upset even though the chance is pretty low. thanks
I totally understand getting the shot. I have a few times and then regretted it though, and considering I am even having trouble taking dd in for her vaccines, I wouldn't do it now. But I do know that get the flu shot does not prevent you from getting those strains, just reduces the severity, and colds are sooo common and there are soo many strains that I think that it is almost pointless to get it. I do know a couple of people who have had reactions right after the flu...
Hello again. I am feeling well, butexhausted today, it feels like everyone needs me for something. lol. My back is hurting too and I have to pee all the time too! But other than that it's all good. Yesterday I had a chai latte and baby went crazy moving around after. Have a good week all!
Hey all. Today I'm 16 weeks and feeling pretty good. The m/s seems to be less, but I'm still taking diclectin fo another couple of weeks just in case. Lady Lila- I thought I had the stomach flu once a week for 3 or 4 weeks, but it just ended up being m/s. And it was voimitting and diahrrea. I hope you don't have the flu, I know it's scary when your pregnant. I have my ultasound in 2 weeks and hopefully we can find out if it's a boy or girl then. tomorrow I go for...
How hav you been feeling this pregnancy(question mark) Better or worse or the same as the other times(question mark) Sorry I messed up my keyboard and can`t get a question mak for some reason.
Me too! I wake up freaked out, but I just pray for peace and it works and I fall back to sleep. I definately cannot watch horror movies anymore! Sleep well all.
Congratulations on your baby! When my dd was born she had jaundice and did not pooh for like 5 days, so the count got higher and higher. The doc said if she didn't poop by the next day I had to take her in because she wasn't getting rid of the billyrueben. My mom said we should give her water, and although the nurses did not approve, we boiled and cooled water and gave her some from a dropper. She went poop that night and her levels went down so she didn't have to go in....
How have you been feeling this pregnancy? Do you think baby is a boy or a girl, or do you know already?
Glad your feeling better! I hope that's it for the bleeding. It must be so stressful to have to think about that and all of the other things that go along with being a parent and being pregnant. I'm definately thinking of you and your babe!
Hey everyone, I already wrote a message for here, but I did something and it got lost, so I'm too lazy to write it all over again. I'm 15 weeks, feeling pretty good. No vomiting and diahrrea episodes in the last week, so I'm hopeful. Ikept thinking I had the flu, and the doc said it was just morning sickness, which makes sense, because when I have the flu I'm down for at least 2 days, but with this it was alot less. But hopefully that's over. I hope all have a good...
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