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Anyone attend an Improvingbirth.org Rally this Labor Day?   I attended last year's rally after attending a speedy Labor Day birth (I'm a doula).  On the way to the birth, I got a speeding ticket.  A few weeks after, I was able to clear the speeding ticket in front of a judge.  (Good thing too, because it was a $200+ ticket in MN.)   For this year, my memory will be the painting my 12 year old daughter created on my 38 weeks+ belly for Fargo, ND's Rally:    
I'm due with #6 Sept. 14, a boy. I am only 37 1/2 weeks. We are planning a 5th home waterbirth with the midwife I apprentice under. I usually give birth a week after my due date. (Though, I did have one baby that waited until 2 weeks 4 days after his due date.) I have had a lot of pressure, cramping, and timeable contractions these last couple of weeks. I feel like I'll go earlier this time. My midwife is thinking the new moon (in 9 days) will do it for me.
5 minutes, waiting 15 minutes between each 5 minute session.     Will your midwife be with you at the hospital for support, as well?   Also, do you know anyone who has a TENS unit.  That can be helpful to get things going.   Also, chiropractic and acupuncture.   Best wishes!   It looks like you'll be the first to welcome a baby!
How tall are you? What was your pre-pregnancy weight? How much weight have you gained? Your fundus appears low, but one would actually have to measure you to really know. Do you feel a lot of movement? I have served many women who carry small, but have average size babies. If you have a long torso (as mentioned above) that can really hide the baby. Edit-I just read your original post again, sounds like you have great baby movement.
Here is the first picture of my bump at 22 wks 4 days  
Team Blue 9/14   This makes 5 boys in a row for us.  We are excited, and now we can officially get rid of the girl clothes. ;)
As a doula, I have had a number of clients with this at the beginning or mid-way through their pregnancy.  All resolved, as the uterus grew.  I also have had a few friends diagnosed with this for some time, but it resolved.  I know of one woman (a friend's sister who had complete placenta previa.  Positive placenta positioning throughts directed your way.
Love this...an event where all the moms and sisters and women friends are present.   This is exactly what I'm planning for my 6th.  We will see if labor allows for it, but if it is too fast or happens in middle of the night (like all mine have), it may only be my midwife, her assistant (who happens to be a friend of mine), my DH, and the 5 kiddos. Otherwise, I plan on inviting two other friends, my sister, my sister-in-law, my mother-in-law (if she wants to come), and my...
Sign me up!
I don't have this occur with me.  I have had a couple doula clients over the years have a similar situation.  My thoughts and prayers are with you through this journey.
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