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Congrats, mrsandmrs!!
Nettlesoup...Homebirth midwives can carry Pitocin. Mine does. Midwives also carry herbs specifically for hemorrhage. What kind of labor and birth did you have last time? How was the placenta delivered? How long was your labor? Was Pitocin used at any point in labor? I just want you to know it doesn't have to be an exclusion to homebirth. Of coarse, only if you want to explore it further.
I am planning a 5th homebirth. I am using my midwife from the previous two babies. I also happen to assist her at other homebirths. SWISSMISS2584...how nice to have your previous midwife offer to attend the labor/birth.
Anyone interested in a Sacred Pregnancy support group/book club via this board? I don't have any classes close to me. I'm hoping to participate in one via Skype, but I don't know if it will work out. I just ordered the book/journal...looking forward to treasuring this last pregnancy of mine.
Momzilla EDD 9/14/13 #6 Hope pink, but happy either way
Hello, everyone.   I am almost 34 years old and have been a doula for almost 8 years, attending over 100 births.  I am also a homebirth midwife's assistant.  I was planning on starting my masters program in midwifery this summer, but just found out I'm expecting #6.  This means that dream will be on hold for a bit.  I just got a faint positive line today.  My "due date" is Sept. 14.     I have been married to a wonderful man for 12 years. We were API attachment...
Our planned 5th home waterbirth did not happen.   Our precious baby boy came during a spring blizzard and in an ambulance, escorted by a county snow plow, three deputy cars, and a paramedic vehicle!    Pictures here: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=2094461&id=1016160390&l=0c7cc6da29   Fletcher Truth Mehl (My first land birth child!) Wed., Mar. 23, 2011 3:53 a.m. 8 pounds 7 ounces 20 inches   Birth Story:   I was having prodromal labor...
Lyss- The peace you are receiving in knowing that this birth was the best way is comforting, even though it was a horrible cesarean experience. Enjoy your little one!
I'd like to offer you some comfort. All of my children were born at home. All my boys (3 so far) were born after their "due date". My last in particular was born 18 days after! We did everything to get him to come! Anyway, first off I want to reassure you that you are not overdue until 42 weeks. The average pregnancy lasts 41 weeks 1 day....which also means that a little less than half of pregnancies go past 41 weeks 1 day. Your baby and body are wise! Treasure...
Lyss- A possible way to help your little one to engage is to do some deep squatting. Use a door to support you. (One hand on each side of the doorknob.) Of coarse, you want to make sure the little one is in the best position (not posterior). Do some hands/knees positions prior to the squatting. AS A DOULA. I have seen my clients struggle with maintaining a good baby position. I second seeing a chiro who specializes in pregnancy and specifically Webster's...
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