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Congrats Mama. What a wonderful birth...I'm glad you didn't feel the force of a posterior baby....interesting about the placenta and fluid filled sac! Rest, Eat, and snuggle that newborn of yours!
I have been having prodromal labor for the last 6 days...it started New Years Eve...the menstrual like cramps and unpredictable contractions keep me wondering if this could be the day. I went over 1 week with both my boys...so anticipate this Fri./Sat. to be "the" day. I had a horrible case of "false labor" on the 15th of Dec when we had a horrible snow storm....the day before was the full moon....the contractions were coming every 5 min. for 3 hours one time and...
Congrats on the birth of your son...what a fantastic name! Eat, sleep, and hug that baby of yours!
I have gained 45 pounds...around the same I gained with my other two boys. With my first I gained about 30 pounds...she was a girl...born at about 36.5 weeks gestation. With breastfeeding, I lost all the pregnancy weight plus more...and honestly more than I should have...by 10 months postpartum I was 10 pounds under idle weight and did not look healthy....I wasn't trying to loose weight. However, with my boys the weight did not go off as quickly (I breastfed both) and I...
All of my labors started naturally, without water breaking. If you notice 2 a.m. seems to be "the" time for me! I don't use my birth pool until I get "pushy". 1) (Day before labor started we had a small fire...I overreacted and dropped to the floor from a really bad side cramp...other than that the day before labor started was normal.) Woke up at about 2 am uncomfortable. Noticed light contractions about every 10 min, took a bath to see if I could get them to...
Congrats on the birth of your son! What a fabulous birth! I'm sure we all think this can happen to us...and it did to you! What an empowering event for your whole family. Take care and treasure this special time in your household!
I created my son's birth slideshow at www.OneTrueMedia.com. Click the link on Espen's name in my signature below to see a sample. Plus, the basics are free....I created mine for free...you can too!
Here is my Birth Preferences in case of transfer or preterm. I believe birth preferences is a "better" word than birth plan. I use the interactive birth plan tool at http://www.childbirth.org/interactive and recommend my doula clients use their tool as well. They don't have everything, but very close! I added in my own additional preferences. I always suggest to my clients to keep their birth preferences to no more than one page. As a doula, I have witnessed my...
The Bradley side-lying position is to be used if a mother feels the need to lie down. Obviously, gravity is best. If you have a malpositioned baby prior to labor and/or in labor try some of the suggestions at http://www.spinningbabies.org. Side lying on the left side [according to midwife Jean Sutton (optimal fetal positioning) "founder"] is the "safe" lying down position. Hope this helps.
Most certainly a boy. (I have been off bed rest for over a month and a half....thank goodness for antibiotics, when you really need them!) 25 and a half weeks and going strong!
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