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I recently returned to school after a 17 year break. I always wanted to finish my bachelor's degree. I am enrolled in an online-only degree program at the University of Arkansas. My major is Interdisciplinary Studies with emphasis in health sciences, sociology, and psychology. This summer I am taking Spanish 1 & 2. In the fall I will be taking Contemporary Social Theory and Intermediate Spanish.  I love the online opportunities now. My classes have been great so far...
We love visiting National Parks, but some of the best ones are so far away from where we live. Bandelier National Monument Carlsbad Caverns Petroglyph National Monument Washington D.C. memorials Buffalo National River Hot Springs National Park Gulf Islands National Seashore Jean Lafitte National Park
Has anyone else heard of the "Meet the Doulas" night that ICAN is hosting in Little Rock this month?  It's April 15th at 7pm. They are going to have a lot of the local doulas, food and prizes. If you are shopping for a doula, then this would be a great chance to meet them all in one place! 
I'm a second VBACer. :)    Quick birth summary...   1st c/s after unnecessary interventions and I didn't know enough 2nd hospital VBAC - unmedicated with a doula 3rd HBAC   I understand some of the feelings you described. It's an odd place to be. On one hand, you KNOW you can VBAC. On the other, you know a c/s is a possibility with any birth. I found myself feeling some of the old distress when planning my first VBAC. We had moved and I was doing my...
I would highly recommend gathering local support as you plan your VBAC. See if there is an ICAN chapter near you. www.ican-online.org    There is a phrase I have often heard that might be helpful for you.     If you can't get ride of the fear... do it afraid. 
Unfortunately, the only way to have a midwife as a care provider in Central Arkansas is to have a homebirth. That said, there is an OB who is Christian and as much like a mw as possible. Her name is Dr. Jones and she is at Grace Clinic for women.     
I would be very leery of a doctor who said that to me about a VBAC. There are doctors who will bait and switch. I don't know Dr. Taylor, but he is not one I've ever heard of as being open to VBAC. You might consider putting in a call to Birth Works and ask for information about Dr. Taylor regarding VBAC.       
You should be able to mail copies of the documents in to Little Rock. I mailed mine in and had no problems. If they need more info, they will contact you.
I would also recommend Dr. Vincent. 
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