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My little toe sucker will be 5 months tomorrow!! And...she is quite mobile:). She is almost a speedy crawler. When there's something she wants she will get it!
Love all the pictures! All the new smiles are just adorable It's surreal that my FIFTH baby is already 10 weeks old!
 Again, I've been MIA for a while, but this is just a little progression photo collection :)    
Such wonderful pictures!! All of them. Tenk I am jealous I can't get all five of mine to stay still long enough to get a good one. But I took some on the 4th hopefully they turned out ok. I haven't sat at my computer to upload them yet :/
My oldest and youngest babies at day 2 2 weeks relaxing in bed And today week 4 Sorry I've been so quiet life with 5 has been busy
Welcome sweet baby:joy
Congrats!! She is beautiful!
I'll try to sum up my day as best as I can . Being that this is number 5, and I never have my babes early, I in no way thought I'd be snuggling this one already!! I woke with a mighty ctx yesterday morning that shocked me. Waited a while had another...hmm. After 5 or 6 well spaced ones I decided to shower because I just knew they would stop. When they didn't I decided to make some RRL tea. Shortly thereafter my ctx were pretty much stopped. So, I made some bacon for when...
Congrats bumkins!! We too had our little girl today! Quite a shock 8 days early
We didn't plan anything for our midwife last time. She had coffee and eggs and toast with my kids and mother in law. Then we had lots of fruits for smoothies right after. I don't think lentil soup would be good right after labor either :/. But somehow easy stuff always does. Big turkey sandwich, or homemade burgers and fries...something easy and filling
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