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  OMG!!! I can't believe how much my life has changed in just the past 18mos! I'm still a 24/7 solo mom, and DD's father has been officially out of her life for 3 years. But I have a life, friends and even a wonderful boyfriend now. It's so strange, and yet neat to suddenly bump into a blast from the past like this. Anyone in this situation, hang in there. I can testify is does get better, much better! Woohoo!
I'm coming out as newly into the dating world after a 3 year break. So I only have this one experience of dating as a mother too.   Butterflymom, I thought about it immediately. In large part because I was introduced to my guy by his mom. I've known her for about 2yrs. We were in a group therapy thing for DV victims together. So when it was finally OK for me to meet her son, it was a play date with our two children who are less than a year apart in age. It's not at...
I just wanted to say I'm still in this.  It's been an intense time but I'm ready.  I'm so excited with the whole process of mapping!  It really becomes quite a journey over a period of time. 
I been on some good cleaning spurts lately.  I think it has to do with the Sun finally moving into Aries!  Now it will be easier to get stuff done I hope!
subbing!  I just realized this is coming up!  I've gotta get busy! 
Hi.  I'm a Eugene mama of a great 3yo DD.  We would also be willing to get outside with a group of like-minded parents of littles.  We are in the Santa Clara area, but would be willing to travel and get familiar with "new to us" parks.  We haven't lived in Eugene very long so much of the city is unfamiliar to us and the exploring would do us good.
I grew up knowing we were poor and it did effect my self-worth as a kid and into adulthood.  I like the suggestion from Chamomile Girl.  Why label yourselves unnecessarily?  Yes, you get FS and free school lunch, but poor, is really a state of mind, imho.  I also know what it's like to be poor as a parent.  I know it is not fun at all when you are wondering how to make the money last so that everyone gets food all month long.  
So does this mean he forged your signature to do that?  It's really stupid to tamper with mail because then you are playing with the big boys, the Feds.  I hope this really backfires on him.
When my cat was very sick and not eating, I tried to get him to drink tuna fish water.  It's not an ideal food, but it's better than nothing.   Does your area have resources for pets that need immediate care that donate on a charity basis?  I'm not explaining it very well.  But I've heard that some places do have that, or even you might be able to work out a payment plan with your current vet or another.   I'm sorry you are going through that and I wish I had...
I can't do the full vaccine schedule with my schnauzer either.  She has already had one reaction when she got her rabies vaccine, and I got her on contract that she would not be further vaccinated but titer tested instead.  Another schnauzer in her family line has died from a vaccination.  Jean Dodd's protocol is a good one to follow and has also been adopted by vet schools in North America.
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