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If you are married, he has as much right to take the children as you do, unless there is some sort of court order.  Not saying that I'm siding with him, just what the law is AFAIK.  Even if you aren't married, if he is listed as their father on their birth certificate then he likely has the same rights as you until there is a court ordered custody agreement.  If you can get him to move out, you can see if your state offers a Status Quo order that would be in effect until...
Sweet Life for sure! And there is also the 5th Street Market.
Hi everyone, I'll join in.  I just got a dog a week ago.  She is 14mos.  She is a mini schnauzer, black and silver.  Her name is Sara.  She is super sweet and calm.  She already has her Canine Good Citizen award and is just wonderful really.  I like that she is already crate trained, and she also hangs out in a large play pen during the day when I am not able to fully supervise her.  The play pen is 4ft square, so she has lots of room.  The breeder I got her from did all...
I would stay in Eugene if you only had one day free. There is the Saturday Market as mentioned, and who knows what else is going on that particular weekend. There always seems to be a couple of things going on that are interesting. I always have a good time when in Eugene. And if you do choose to not stay in Eugene, the trip to Portland is only 2-2.5 hours depending on traffic and your final destination if you find someone with a car. Without a car it's much longer...
Jaime! That is wonderful progress I am so happy that you are finding the right people to support you in your long term goals. You are totally worth it! And good luck finding a new creative outlet. Just get out there and explore and have fun doing so.
You could talk to your local Womens Domestic Violence shelter. They have many resources that may be available to you at low or no cost. I was once in a similar situation of leaving an abusive partner. It's scary and hard, but well worth the peace you get.
I've used vinegar and hot water (I normally wash in cold) with some success. But I think my favorite is Bio-Kleen Bac-Out. That stuff is awesome! It gets smells out! And maybe you could gently explain to your guests since they are long term that they are not staying in a hotel and you would appreciate them hanging up towels (and pitching in on other little things that must be bugging you by now).
Quote: Originally Posted by SummerLove We separated 2 years ago and went to counseling then. Counseling was terrible- he used it against me and twisted it around to his benefit. I did decide to give it another shot, but obviously, here I am 2 years later feeling the same every day as I did 2 years ago. This is a really good indicator that he is emotionally abusive of you. In such cases counseling is not recommended for exactly the reason you...
I go back and forth with smoking. I quit for a year and the smoke for a few months(or several) and then quit for a year or more..... only to find myself smoking again. I don't know if that is helpful to you. I do support you fully in quitting. I don't enjoy smoking except when I enjoy it. It's the craziest thing I swear.
Is this the right state? http://nashville.injuryboard.com/mis...oogleid=267392 http://www.kidsandcars.org/tn_proposed.htm I know there are better sites out there, but hopefully this information will get you started.
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