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Any recommendations? A family practice doctor would be great. Thanks! 
Hello. We are looking at moving to the Santa Cruz area with two daughters ages 2 and 5. Can anyone weigh in about the public and private school options in the area? I have heard good things about the Bonny Doon elementary, but wonder about other options. Thanks for your help! 
Hello. We are moving to Brooklyn and our older child will be entering kindergarten this fall 2013. Where we are upstate, we have been successful in turning in a notarized NYS religious exemption form to the private school we attend. I am about to go register them at their zoned school and then apply to several kindergartens in districts 13 and 15. Do I just show up at the zoned school's office with the exemption form, or do I somehow need to be more prepared (ie calling...
Hi all. I can't find any comments on the HVS in upstate NY that are more recent than 2009. Can anyone offer any feedback that is more current? We have two young girls ages 2 and 4 and are considering moving from Woodstock to go there...Thanks!
Hi there, we are debating between moving into the (upstate) Red Hook or the Rhinebeck school districts. We have two young girls who would both be starting from kindergarten on. Does anyone have kids in either system? Pros and cons? We would LOVE some input. Thanks!
Hi there! Does anyone upstate know of any salt water system public or private club pools? Thanks!
Hi there. Wondering if anyone has kids in the public school systems in Rhinebeck or Red Hook or Germantown NY? We have two daughters almost ready for elementary school and are wondering what the systems are like and what people have to say. Thanks!
We are thinking of moving to Piermont and wonder what life is like. Hoping to get some input! We are really interested in the Green Meadow School and I am curious if anyone has kids going there? Would it be too far a drive from Piermont/Nyack? Thanks, Molly
Hello. We are considering moving to northern NJ from upstate NY. We don't vaccinate our two daughters. I get the impression from reading online that parents living in NJ tend to get harassed more because of the pharma influence in the state. Does anyone have anything to say about this? I don't want to avoid moving to NJ unnecessarily. Thanks! Molly
Hello. We are considering moving to the Nyack area from upstate. We want our daughters to have french in school from kindergarten on. I see this is possible in some private schools, but it seems harder to find than I'd thought, and we may not be able to afford private school.  Do any public schools outside of NYC/Brooklyn offer french from a young age? This info seems impossible to find! Thanks, Molly
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