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I'm not pregnant, I was just lurking. when I was pg with dd#1, I had a very low risk pregnancy. I had an OB and a hospital birth. We had 1 ultrasound. Only one. they made sure everything was functioning and that was it. when I was pg with dd#2, I went to a BC. my MW did not feel that an ultrasound was medically necessary and she did not order one. My husband wanted to find out the sex (I did not, but since I was having a BC birth against his wishes, I felt that I could...
I'm in pembroke pines too. I'm in Veezie's groups. There's a breastfeeding support group at the fitness center at memorial west (the one on Flamingo) that meets on the 2nd and 4th mondays of every month at 12:30. Anyone (breastfeeding or planning on breastfeeding) can come.
anyone can check safefetus.com or Lactmed
I use 7th generation shower cleaner. I spray it on and leave it, then after a while I wipe it down with a damp cloth, then a dry cloth. works better than anything else, natural or toxic I have tried.
I use any bar soap, I have used castile soap, Ivory, Irish spring and zest (just soap I had in my cupboards for years.) I think the fels naptha has too much fragrance. now that I have cleaned out my cupboards of the "mainstream soap" I was wondering if anyone used natural glycerin soap to use instead of regular bar soap. also, Mommy13, how much of each ingredient do you use? do you make a big batch, or do you use a certain amount of each in each wash cycle? I put about...
I RFed DD#1 until she was 15 months and 27lbs. A fireman tech said that she was fine FFing, so I turned her. then I got a minivan and turned her back around until she was 30lbs (18 months) DD#2 is almost 2 and weighs about 23lbs, so she's RFing, and will stay that way until either the seat expires or she hits 30lbs, the max of our seat.
Quote: Originally Posted by BathrobeGoddess Well I will preface this to say that I have never been the kind of gal to even take the car seat out of the car...I'm a slinger I think it looks like a waste of money. The weight and height limits are pretty low compared to a lot of other seats...particularly for the money (good gravy you're in for almost $1400 at age one!!!) Why not get something that will last for a while... There is also the whole...
from the picture, it looks like the seat is on the passenger side. it also looks like they have one of those car seat protector pads underneath it, which I thought was a no-no...
Quote: Originally Posted by chickabiddy It's not installed in the center with LATCH, is it? I'm not sure, why? (I'm assuming there's no latch in the center, only belt, right?)
Quote: Originally Posted by chickabiddy What kind of car does she drive? What state does that mother live in? Maybe I can help you find a better CPST. '08 Chevy Trailblazer we are in broward county FL.
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