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I was thinking that it sounded like sleep apnea when I read the other post.  If you need any advice or have questions about sleep apnea when you do not have insurance, feel free to PM me.  Been there, done that.  :hug:
Our house is very old and the stairs are at an awkward angle.  We are remodeling so that was just another hole we had to patch up, it wasn't nearly as bad as the hole we had to make to access some of the plumbing.  Our house is a hot mess rght now.  Remodeling is a very unique misery.
Also it took us hours to get the queen size box spring up the stairs of our house and involved making a hole in the wall to accomodate it.  It is actually a pleasant memory for me, though.  Just remembering us fighting with that box spring and how happy we were when it finally fit. 
I used to be a regular in this thread but I have mostly been off of MDC for a while.  However, I am popping in to second the suggestion to try Big Lots for a mattress.   We got our Serta there and strapped it to the roof of the car to transport home.  It was a very low price.  I would not get a box spring from Big Lots though, unless the people who it is intended for are very low in weight.  We got a box spring there and it broke right away.  It was not structured...
What do you get for the luxery ticket?
The rumor mill is saying that my SIL is giving me coasters this year.  She doesn't like me.  I am looking forward to trying to act happy.
I was a latchkey kid and my favorite was wonder bread with Kraft singles slices, in the microwave so it got melty.  Yum.
When I make chocolate chip cookies from a mix, I take the chocolate chips out.  I like the taste better that way.   I also like crunchy pasta, never thought about reheating in the toaster oven, good idea!
Okay so basically your situation is going to continue exactly as normal, and if that is okay with you then go for it.  I do not understand why people come here asking for advice only to dismiss every single good suggestion people have given you.  It sounds like it is impossible for you to do anything to change this, so I vote for hiring a full time nanny.  If anyone chased me around with a knife, it would scare the crap out of me.  I am sorry for your other children.
I think stik and dfb have good advice.  You have to protect your kids.  You are not even considering any of their suggestions.  If you can not arrange to be awake before your son, then you need to ask your DH to help you.  Someone has to make sure that your other children are not in danger.  I hope you can figure something out.
New Posts  All Forums: