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Does your MIL normally come to your house?  If not, then there might be a reason why she isn't comfortable there.  I would not assume that she is just being difficult.  I have several reasons why I can't sleep at other people's houses, mainly allergies, and I do not think I am out of line to avoid it.
I read this entire thread thinking that there were two horses in your yard, and wondering what the heck a horse had to do with a swimming pool.  Until I got to this post and was like, "Hey, where did the hoses come from?"    
Today I went through my desk and everything that was sitting under my desk and culled everything I wasn't using and consolodated my scrapbooking things to one area and my art supplies in another area.  I have another large garbage bag full.
I filled up three large outdoor sized garbage bags with clothes and purses the other day.  I took them straight to Goodwill so I couldn't change my mind.  I included any purses that I don't like, will never carry again, and clothing that doesn't fit me and that I don't feel good in.  I still have a lot to go yet, but that was a great first step.
I have to agree with the other posters.  If he can not even hold a regular job, I would not trust him to be the primary caregiver of any children.  You are young.  I would walk away from tnis if I was you.
The first one reminded me of my own situation.  :(
Your eyes are way better than mine.  I had to watch it three more times and pause every second to finally see the breastfeeding picture.  They were all going so fast.  Thanks!  It is a lovely commercial.    
I have watched it four times but I keep missing the breastfeeding part.  I have seen the bottle spots though.
Okay, sorry I posted.  I misunderstood and thought you were looking for help and suggestions and I thought that my personal experience would be helpful.  I remember how miserable I was as a child suffering with OCD, I would love to help prevent another child from suffering in the same way.
I do not have a child with OCD, but I was a child with OCD.  My Mother can trace it back to when I was 2.  It is weird to think about me having rituals at such a young age.   Back then it was not that diagnosed, so I was 14 before anyone labeled it and I got help from it.  Therapy helped a lot.  I also took medication for it and that was helpful, as well.  I am grown now and I still take medicine and I still go to therapy.  I am so much better.  One thing I would not...
New Posts  All Forums: