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I agree to check with the neighbors.  We also once found a cat in our basement and we had no idea how long he had been there.  I opened the door to go do some laundry and he ran out!  It was really unexpected and I am sure he was glad to go to his own home.
I want to meet rightkindofme, Freedom Mama and Deer Mother.
I am also eager to see what MDC has in store for us.
This is kind of off topic, but my Dad bought my Mom a mink coat over 30 years ago and she has never once worn it.  It was an interesting gift choice, considering he didn't know if she actually wanted one or not.    When I was a child I used to sneak in to their closet and touch the fur.  I thought it was so soft.   I had a boss once when I worked retail who would wear her full length mink coat walking in the mall to come to work.  She used to get very cold so she...
I had a full blood work up the other day, and I am not diabetic, but my doctor thinks I could be eventually.  My insurance does not pay for a nutritionist, so I am looking for book suggestions of low carb or diabetic diets.  Thanks!
Oh yes, I do understand exactly what you are talking about.  The total mindless eating where I don't even realize I am bringing food up to my mouth until it is already done.   One thing I was thinking is that maybe you really wanted a hamburger.  Perhaps it is better to eat a small portion of what you are really wanting, than a regular portion of something that doesn't really satisfy you.  Does that make sense?  Your lunch sounded wonderful and delicious, but maybe...
I am slacking this month.  I just finished A World Apart but I still have to decide on my next book.
Ladies, please, we should all be respectful of each other during this time.  I understand the devestation in Japan and I also can understand the fear that others have living on the West coast.  We could support each other and share information, instead of being negative with each other. 
I would have her check just to make sure.  Better to be safe than risk a job, unless she is okay with losing the job.  I was shocked when my boss told me she could care less, it was not the reaction I was expecting, because I am a teacher.     
New Posts  All Forums: