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My Mom allowed me to have blue hair at around that age, too.  The only thing I would speak to her about is whether or not it would be okay with her employer, if she has one.  I ended up mysteriously getting fired the day after I dyed my hair blue, so now I am always sure to check with the higher ups before I dye my hair a non traditional color.  My current employer could care less what color our hair is, so that is good.    The piercings I think are fine, as she...
I called dibs on him a long time ago.       
Wow, yeah, totally not appropriate!  Good for you for moving away from her.
I agree with homemademom.  For children it helps them because if everyone does it, it is less likely that the one child will be teased for it.  I would bring a special gift to her instead.  I will send positive thoughts her way.  :hugs:
OP, it sounds like you made a good choice, to me, on the tanning issue.  The rest sounded like fun, but that is a pretty serious name to call your Mother, so I think it is reasonable for you to not allow her to attend at all.  I remember how I was at that age.  I am sure you and your DD will be on friendlier terms soon.  :hugs:
I remember the stainless steel ice cube trays we had when I was a kid.  I wonder if my Mom kept them.
OP if you need help with your spreadsheet, let me know via PM.  My Mom does budgeting for her job and maybe I can get her to help you make one.
I am still hanging in here with you all.  I have had a virus this whole week so I have not done any reading at all.  I have been sleeping through my regular reading times, my body needs the rest.  I am feeling better already, though, so hopefully I will be all rested up this weekend and back to my daily reading.
I agree with the other posters, there are so many extra expenses that we never really think about until they happen.  Like the other poster said, something will always come up.  My mother taught me that and it has always proved to be true.   You have gotten such great advice here, I am in awe of how awesome and helpful these Mamas are!  I love the suggestion of dividing up your costs and setting aside a little each month for things like the tires.  Great idea, and...
I love the spice set!  If I ever get married, I am totally inviting you.      This thread has been an interesting read!  I would love to know what MDC thinks of putting registry info in the wedding invitations, but I am kind of scared to start that thread!  It is a pet peeve of mine.  I don't mine registry info in the shower invitation, but I don't like it in the wedding invite.
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