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Would she perhaps do better if you dropped her off instead of her dad picking her up?
I was totally there with you. I have one dsd, we have one dd together, and are expecting our second. Dp would have been happy to stop with two kids total, but I really wanted to have a second pregnancy/child. It is important to me that my dd have a full-time sibling, in addition to her older sister, who lives with us approx 30% of the time. I also really wanted to experience having a second child for myself. We are both happy with our decision now, thank goodness, but...
I haven't tried with a doppler (I have an appt this week @ almost 18 weeks) but when I feel the baby move, it is always way down low, just above my pubic bone, if that helps
my dd does that too! she also loves pickles and italian salad dressing-for that matter, she used to eat raw onions, mustard, and all sorts of spicy/acidic foods. I never honestly thought about giving it to her plain-but it's true that it probably wouldn't hurt her. I'd still probalby stick to putting it in other foods though.
Quote: Originally Posted by New No, you're misreading me. Upthread I explained that yes, my cat at least acts out by pooping. It's not hogwash that frustrated cats, or kids, act out this way. The "hogwash" part is the therapist suggesting that OP's dsd is "expressing herself" at OP's house rather than at dsd's mom's house because dsd is frustrated at mom (not dad) but dsd "feels she can be herself or express herself" only at dad's house. I think...
My parents are grandma and pop-pop, the in-laws are gram and pa. I called my grandparents mom-mom and pop-pop, and grandma and grandpa-so nothing too creative! I love the idea of using the names in a native language!
We have had times like these, although thankfully they were few and far between. I have definitely noticed that the "I (will) miss you so much" phone calls/goodbyes made it a lot harder for dsd to transition to our house and not be upset about missing her mom. I have actually heard her repeat verbatim her mom's sad goodbyes when she was crying for her mom, probably around the same age as your dsd (and her parents have been separated since she was 2/3 as well). There...
Quote: Originally Posted by Smithie Unless the physical custody situation changes, your gf is going to "win" this one hands-down if your relationship lasts. You'll be mom, she'll be mom, and your ex will be the guy they see EOW until they get to the age where they don't want to do that any more. If I were you, I would point this out to my gf and tell her that treading softly and not antagonizing your ex at this point is truly the best way to end up with...
Quote: Originally Posted by Bethla I'm in more of a purge mode right now. We just have way too much junk in our house. I'm definitely not buying anything until after the holidays. We have no room! This is me too. I am decluttering, and then will take stock and see what we need. We don't really need any big things anyway. If it is a boy, we will need to buy clothes, but that is about it!
I'm with you. I am nearly 16 weeks and still totally exhausted ALL the time! I have a friend who is 20 weeks and said she just started to feel better! I hope it passes for everyone-I actually had the grocery checkout guy ask if I needed help getting my bags in the car (I had 2.5 yo dd with me) and I had to laugh-I must have looked seriously tired and burned out! Right now dd is jumping on the bed behind me while I take a minute (or 10) I hope it passes for all of us soon!
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